Alarming information and grave chances of war

Alarming information and grave chances of war
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by smkovalinsky | October 13, 2009 at 08:26 pm

Alarming information and  grave chances of war

Anyone who keeps a keen eye on global trends will know that recent information
about Iran and Russia has drastically altered the potential for America to go
to war.

The idea that Iran is further along in their capabilities to produce nuclear
weapons,  are indeed quite close to being able to do so, is surpassed only by
the horrific idea that Russia has long been aiding and abetting them in this

An article online   –  far too lengthy to be copy/pasted in any meaningful way
–  uses sophisticated political analysis,  the top minds in geo-political
forecasting,  and recent journalism pieces to weave together a tapestry of
stunning news,  alarming in its details,  and horrific in its broad scope

Of course,  nothing will develop without a very definite,  particular

The catalyst  would be that :  1.  Russia has been found to have been doing
this for quite some time  and 2.  They refuse to stop,  or to sanction Iran.
President Obama was elected into office in one of the most crucial moments of
American and global history,  if one adheres (as indeed I do)  to the
saeculum teachings of Howe and Strauss:  Obama by their calculations is the
fourth turning president,  and fourth turnings in history are always when we
move from a pre-war society to a war society,  and this means total war.

This scenario would cause all to rally behind Obama,  just as in the months
just after the World Trade Center attacks both Democrats and Republicans
rallied around W Bush.   This time,  however,  the stakes would be higher and
the rallying would go on much,  much longer.  The voices of Glenn Beck and
Rush Limbaugh, of gay marriage activists and health insurance company
zealots,   with their fussiness and hissy fits would become but a dim memory
of a foolish and trivial bygone time.

“Things fall apart/the center does not hold/anarchy is loosed upon the earth/
“:  Thus did the prophetic TS Eliot describe the bewilderment of sudden
global war;  as did the great and most profound historical thinker of the
20th century,  Jose Ortega y Gasset.  In 1933 he told his fellow Spaniards
that global war was inevitable.  Now we see Obama,  already with the stamp of
war on him,  already anointed by the eerie political hour into which he was
thrown,  and the poignant historical stage upon which he moves like a foreign
figure,  dealing with that which he never made,  poised as a bird pre-flight.
The certainty of what he will become known for is already quietly whispered
in the halls of academia.  Before long,  as Ortega said, it may be cried

For the full article and all its manifold information,  here is its link:


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