Why Bill C-6 Is Bad for ALL Canadians

Dear Canadians,

as many people are aware by now, Bill C-6 is currently making it’s way through parliament and may become LAW in the next couple weeks.  This bill violates many of our basic human rights as Canadians.

Why is Bill C-6 Bad for ALL Canadians?

  • Unreasonable Search and Seizure. Inspectors may enter any premises where they believe there are products relating to the Act. They may examine and seize anything they deem relevant. [20(2)]
  • Presumed Guilty. Anyone whom is believed to have contravened sections of the Act is deemed guilty of an offence – even if their products are totally safe. Anyone who pays a fine is deemed to have committed the violation in respect of which the amount is paid. [38(1); 50(1)(a)]
  • Excessive Penalties. Anyone who contravenes a provision of the Act may be fined up to $5,000,000 and imprisoned for up to five years. [38(1)(3)].
  • Use of Force. Inspectors may be accompanied by peace officers authorized to use force. [21(3)]
  • Allegiance to Foreign Governments. Health Canada intends to ignore Canadian sovereignty. [2(e)(f); 14(1)(d)(i)]
  • Unlimited Powers. Inspectors may take any measures they consider necessary to remedy non-compliance with the Act, including putting the person out of business. [31(2)]
  • Scientific Ignorance. In the total absence of scientific evidence of harm caused by a particular product, Health Canada intends to take action against the vendors of that product simply because they believe that it may have an adverse effect on a person’s health. [Preamble; 2]
  • Disclosure of Confidential Information. The Health Minister intends to disclose personal and confidential business information to third parties without the consent of the person to whom the information relates and without notifying that person. [15; 16]
  • Trespassing. Inspectors may enter on or pass through or over private property, without being liable for so doing. [20(4)]
  • Confiscation. Goods seized may never be returned to their owner. Anything seized may become forfeited to Her Majesty in right of Canada (i.e., the Health Ministry) [25; 26; 27; 61]
  • Lack of Training. The Minister may designate any person she wishes to be enforcers of the Act, regardless of their qualifications, training, or experience. [28; 33]
  • No Defence. Those named in a notice of violation are not allowed to defend themselves by truthfully claiming that they exercised due diligence to prevent the violation. Innocence and truth are irrelevant. [56(1)]
  • Bypassing Parliament. Health Canada intends to expand the powers of C-6 even further by issuing Orders in Council which will not be subject to parliamentary debate. [36]

The freedoms that our forefathers fought for are being eroded, and this bill is going much too far in the name of “consumer safety”. This bill paints a picture of a Canada where we no longer have any rights, where we are presumed guilty and subject to having lives destroyed, all on the whim of a Health Canada employee (Health Canada is widely regarded as the most corrupt agency in Canada http://www.healthcanadaexposed.com/www/Health%20Canada%20Exposed/default.asp)

What can we DO about this?

Fortunately someone has already figured this out for us.  To help defeat this unconstitutional legislation please visit the following link:


This link explains how to go about emailing and faxing our representatives to voice our concerns.  Everyone gets 2 free faxes per day from this website.  If you use them, please fax your LOCAL senate members.


Below is a list of all Canadian senate members’ email addresses, ready for pasting into your email editor.  Here is a sample email text you can use:


Dear Senator,

I am concerned that Bill C-6 goes against so many of our most basic Canadian rights and I am writing to you today to voice my opposition to this bill.

Our forefathers fought and died for freedoms which are now being eroded.  This bill has no place in a free society because it restricts too many of our basic rights and enables the government to destroy our lives without allowing us to defend ourselves.

Please recognize this bill for what it is: a full-scale assault on the rights of every individual in this country.

Please do not allow this bill to pass, and please do everything in your power to keep Canadians’ rights intact.

Thank you.

Your Name
Your Address + postal code


Here is that list of all the senators who will be voting on this bill which you can copy and paste into your email editor:


PS: *****please forward this email to your Canadians friends.  Together we can defeat this corrupt legislation.******


To learn more about this bill please watch the following explanation by constitutional lawyer Shawn Buckley:

Bill C-6 – Restricting our Freedoms:

Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7_0HlCwb8A
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ud4bYJXIrAE&feature=related

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