2012 | The Combination of Multiple Ideas That May Not Fit

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I have read several articles on 2012, some of which I have posted on Truth11.  In my opinion from reading and contemplating the situation I have come to the following conclusions:

There are multiple ideas being forced together into one event, unscientifically.   Individually the theories are possible, each with scientific or theoretic merit.  How they actually work are still largely a mystery. They can be discussed and conceptualized but at the very core we still only have theories.  To take events like this which we do not fully understand and try to pinpoint a specific date is not scientifically possible.    One scientist stated, we barely have a grasp of the how, to begin to guess a period of a thousand of years would be virtually impossible.

Pinpointing a specific date is not something that has been done by science.

The earth and the universe is constantly changing that is for sure.  Pole shifts, severe weather changes, planets coming close in large elliptical orbits are possible.  Warming, cooling, you name it.  Asteroids, whatever.  We as a species need to be prepared for any natural disaster as much as we can.   Being prepared for anything cant hurt.  But to believe it will happen on a specific day in a calendar is not helping anyone.

The mayan calendar is just that – a calendar.  We have one too.  December 31st of every year is the end of our calendar.  January first is the next day.  They have a calendar that is a bit longer and has an end date and a start date.  The mayan people themselves did not believe the end of their calendar was the end of the world, the end of time.  Just the end of an age, or eon, or time period.

So why is it we are connecting possible planetary shifts and unrest to this specific date.  The truth is there is no reason.

This is not the first time they have associated these theories to a date.  2003 was also predicted and many others in the past.

I think we should all realize we are hurtling through space at thousands of miles per hour on a big beautiful rock.  We are on an amazing space cruising vessel.  We need to be prepared for the trip, good weather and bad.

We should focus on the 2012 date as the end of an era of control by the oppressive dictators, royalty, government and the New World Order advocates.

We, the masses, are aware and awake.  The power of their veil of lies is waining fast.

2012 is a shift in consciousness.

Unity = Utopia.

Dylan Eleven


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