Who Will Stand Up Against the Coming Global Climate Tyranny?

Adam Murdock, M.D.

December 6, 2009

This week, President Obama and the leaders of the world are to meet to determine the fate of humanity. This meeting, to be held in Copenhagen, has as its’ mission to bind the nations of the world under a climatocracy, or rather a climate regulatory scheme devised and operated by bureaucrats and elitists. The members of this climatocracy will profit while the rest of humanity will sink into darkness. There will be nowhere to hide; no oasis to be found in the desert. Indeed, after the discussions have concluded will our freedoms also be concluded? Will humanity be plunged into a global tyranny governed by a state of climate fear or will we be able to stop them before it is too late? There have never been greater stakes for the freedom of mankind.

featured stories   Who Will Stand Up Against the Coming Global Climate Tyranny?
strong and gore featured stories   Who Will Stand Up Against the Coming Global Climate Tyranny?
Al Gore and Maurice Strong have used the cloak of pseudo climate science as their veil.

Over the past couple decades globalists like Al Gore and Maurice Strong have used the cloak of pseudo climate science as their veil. Now that ‘climategate’ has removed the curtain and shone the light on the slithering cockroaches within the backrooms of climate cookbookery, there is no longer any debate about the science. The only thing that now exists is laid bare before our eyes – a deliberate attempt to subjugate the people of the earth to global governance under the guise of science.

As the newly ‘elected’ EU President Von Rompuy puts it:

“2009 is also the first year of global governance, with the establishment of the G20 in the middle of the financial crisis. The climate conference in Copenhagen is another step towards the global management of our planet.”

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This goal as stated by the EU President was made prior to the recent revelations about the padding of the climate data by key climate scientists. Yet, what has been the response of the very leaders now proceeding on with the conference? Have they toned down their rhetoric or better yet admitted the charade that the conference represents? Unfortunately, they have done the exact opposite. They have continued their relentless course toward the “global management” of our planet as if nothing has happened. It is as if they are willing to deny that the sun is shining at noonday when it is clearly visible. I can fathom no other reason for these leaders to do this, unless climate change is not really the goal but only a means to an end. Now that their desired end is so close it appears that they are not about to let some emails or real science get in the way of global progress.

It appears that although the fraud has been revealed, the deck may have been stacked against humanity. Indeed, the stacked deck may have already been dealt. My only hope is that the clock has not already struck midnight on our freedoms.

Now is the time to make your collective voices heard. Once the treaties have been signed and freedom has been lost there will be very little we can do to rescind such agreements. Call your local, state, and federal representatives wherever you live. Do it for your children, do it for your country, do it for your freedom to live and breathe as you see fit.

A life of regret will not make up for inaction at this time. Let us hold up a flag of liberty to everyone around us and rally them to the cause of freedom at this crucial moment in our history.

Adam Murdock, M.D. is founder of The Freemen Institute, www.freemeninstitute.com.

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