Copenhagen Con Men Launch Global Carbon Tax Heist

Paul Joseph Watson

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Hours after flying into Copenhagen on luxurious private jets and being chauffeured around in gas-guzzling limousines, climate con men convening in the Danish capital announced that the shrinking bank accounts of the middle class would be further eviscerated via the introduction of global carbon taxes.

On the back of the EPA’s announcement that the life-giving gas humans exhale and plants absorb is a deadly poison, the British government’s climate advisory team has given the green light for a raft of new taxes to be heaped on commercial flights, which are already taxed to the hilt.

“The era of cheap flights for millions of British holidaymakers is over, the Government’s most influential climate change advisers warn today. The Committee on Climate Change says green taxes will have to rise over the next few decades to curb the growing demand for fuel-guzzling air travel,”reports the Daily Mail.

In addition, Copenhagen attendees are set to debate a “global aviation tax to help poorer nations combat climate change.”

    “Although detailed funding decisions are not expected to be finalised at the Copenhagen summit, several aviation tax options have stayed in the official negotiating text,” reports the Financial Times.

    “We would hope that the politicians would recognise the limitations to any global aviation tax,” Steve Ridgway, chief executive, told the FT. “Any carbon tax or levy is a blunt instrument which won’t necessarily deliver any climate change benefit.”

    The Air Transport Association of America labeled the measure “an exorbitant tax to fund climate change adaptation measures in developing countries”.

    The tax, which will initially raise around $10 billion a year, has nothing whatsoever to do with helping poorer nations and everything to do with bankrolling the behemoth architecture of global governance now being moved into place.

    As we have documented, the global carbon tax, which will start small but grow rapidly and ultimately be levied on every human activity imaginable, will be the slush fund for the world government now being announced. The entities collecting the taxes are the same groups and individuals citing fraudulent data about global warming to justify a massive and sustained tax on life that will be paid straight into the carbon indulgence scams that they own.

    People already struggling to scrape together vacation money in the midst of a ravaging recession and increasing unemployment will be forced to purchase carbon indulgences which will be paid straight into the coffers of the global government overseeing the international CO2 tax.

    Global carbon taxes on air travel will not just hit holiday makers, they will increase prices of everything else that derives from such transportation.

    But fear not, because Al Gore’s 20 bedroom mansion and his heated swimming pool, all of which devours more than 20 times the amount of electricity compared to the average home, will continue to hum along while Gore pays offsets to the very carbon trading markets that he has a giant stake in.

    “Further massive increases in the cost of flights would be a completely unjustified attack on ordinary families’ ability to enjoy a well- earned holiday,” said Matthew Sinclair of the TaxPayers’ Alliance.

    This is the latest salvo in the long term agenda to lower living standards in developed countries, devastate economies, and create widespread poverty and degradation as part of the “post-industrial” society that globalists are attempting to manufacture for the peasants under the contrived climate scam, while the elite will continue to sit in their ivory towers, scoffing caviar and being shuttled around in Lear jets and limousines while lecturing the browbeaten public about how having children, driving cars, eating meat, and living any kind of reasonable quality of life is a crime against nature.

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