Why is the Government of Canada running adds for the Flu Vaccine without any warnings | Population Reduction

Dylan Eleven | Truth11

I have seen countless commercials which promote a drug then end with a bunch of possible side effects.  Why is it then the flu vaccine, which is unproven to do anything good and is riddled with potential health risks has no disclaimer in the TV adds.  I just watched a government of Canada add and it states no potential risks in fact it is labelled safe.

Unproven science with proven potential risks is not safe.

The simple fact of the Government lableing it completely safe is very important. They are blatently lying and deliberately misleading the public.  If the science was proven they would, or normally should, release the vaccine with a full disclaimer of its potential side effects and risks, and let the population decide whether to take it or not.  The fact is they do not want you to make that decision.  They are making it for you.  And they are doing it for a reason.

Why have they ordered the same amount of doses of vaccine as they predicted could potentially die from the swine flu.

Why are they forcing entire countries to take a vaccine to a virus that has not proven to be as harmful as the regular flu?

The reason is, they are attempting to force population reduction.

They are trying to kill us.

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