Ron Paul Warns That Nightmare Big Government Healthcare Bill Will Pass | Also comments on audit the fed, Obamas peace prize and Copenhagen’s goal of global government

Ron Paul Warns That Nightmare Big Government Healthcare Bill Will Pass 141209RPSteve Watson | | Monday, Dec 14, 2009

Texas Congressman Ron Paul warned Friday that the draconian healthcare bill currently in legislative progress looks extremely likely to pass, an eventuality that would deliver a great blow for freedom in the face of big government.

The Congressman issued the warning on the nationally syndicated Alex Jones show, commenting:

“I’m less optimistic about anything decent coming out of the healthcare. I think it’s going to get worse, the people of this country accept incrementalism, medical care is seen somewhat differently, they don’t see the same principles of liberty applied to medical care as they do to their second amendment and their first amendment rights.”

When asked if he believed the Obamacare bill would pass, Paul replied:

“Yes, to some degree… they’re not going to get total control, but they’re going to have more control, the quality of healthcare is going to go down.”

“I imagine that by the time the dust settles, they will undermine the ability to get a medical savings account,” the Congressman added, explaining that “right now, if you really want to take care of yourself, you can go out and get a medical savings account, pay for all your local bills, your doctors bills and put money in a savings account and get a tax benefit… but this crowd up here now is not interested in protecting your rights.”

Paul also spoke on a host of other issues during the twenty minute interview, including a major victory regarding his efforts to get the Federal Reserve audited.

“I think most know that last week it was put into a bank regulation bill, which is a monster of a bill, when it came out of the committee I voted against the bill, because I don’t vote for a few good things when there is a lot of bad things in it. But my amendment won by 42-26, which was a major victory.” Paul said.

The provision was passed as part of the regulation bill in the House just hours after the Congressman spoke.

“The real work needs to be done in the Senate,” Paul added. “So if anybody knows where their Senator stands, try to urge the Senators to get on that same bill… There have been several Senators that have put a hold on Bernanke’s reappointment, unless they have a vote on the auditing bill in the Senate.”

“We have no idea exactly what will happen, there will be a lot more resistance in the Senate, and the Fed still has time to do all that they do, but nevertheless, this is a major victory for the people. The grassroots got this done, I didn’t twist arms, I have no clout up here in that sense.” The Congressman further commented, adding that the victory was ever sweeter because it represented a bipartisan success story against elements of shadow government.

“It’s a great testament to what can happen when the people come together because this is not a conservative Republican bill, it’s liberals and populists and libertarians and constitutionalists that have all come around to believing enough is enough and the Fed is too big and too secret.”

Other issues the COngressman also commented on included Obama’s Nobel peace prize, the climategate scandal and the push toward world government at the climate change summit in Copenhagen.

Watch the full interview below:

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