Global government is already in place. Its just the perceived borders that are soon to fall

Dylan Eleven | Truth11

If you said to someone from England, Poland, France or Germany during world war 2 that all their countries would become borderless and operate under the control of the Nazis,  it would be something they took very seriously.  It would not be something they would ignore or ridicule, and it would not seem inconcivable based upon the reality they were currently witnessing.

Fast forward to today and we find that this is the current reality.  The Nazis who funded hitler are the architects of the European Union.

They are also the architects of the North American Union and Global Government.  But after years of covert operations, hidden agendas and secret pacts.  With a brainwashed masses, dumbed down by mindless drivel.  To even suggest the possibility of the European or Chinese models becoming a known reality, out in the open, a North American Union or Global Government, the masses cry ‘conspiracy theory’.  Words used by the government to deny any claims against them.

Global government is already a reality.  They may have different front men, different accents, on different land, with different flags. But they are all people on earth ruled by the same few.  They are just now announcing it.

They are trying to package it to sell us on the idea.  So we don’t ever question it.  If it is bought then the next generation will buy it automatically.  If it is forced upon generation after generation the resistance will build until revolution will ruin their plans.

Armed with the Truth, United we stand

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