Guardian Hit Piece On Ventura’s Climate Change Investigation and watch the episode here

Guardian December 23, 2009

Guardian’s Environment Blog calls Jesse’s truTV episode a “transparent piece of unsubstantiated propaganda.”

Who do you turn to when you want to blow wide open the conspiracy that is global warming? That’s right.  Jesse “The Body” Ventura — the man who has variously been a special forces operative, motorcycle gang member, WWF wrestler and governor of Minnesota, and who now promotes himself as a seeker of the “truth” in a new TV show called Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura.

Having completed the job of exposing the 9/11 conspiracy in the previous episode of the series for the US cable network truTV (slogan: “Not Reality. Actuality”), last week Ventura set his investigative sights on global warming. In just 60 minutes, he proved once and for all that we’ve all been duped by a small cabal of profiteers obsessed with creating a new world order. The whole scam, according to Ventura and his team of investigators who interview a smorgasbord of expert witnesses, can be pinned on just two men — Sir Maurice Strong , a former UN bigwig, and Edmond de Rothschild , the late billionaire banker. They, the programme alleges,  dreamt up the whole thing and duped the world into believing that carbon emissions are driving up global temperatures just so they could profit from carbon trading.

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