Congratulations to Alex Jones and his Team for their iPhone App on iTunes

Dylan Eleven |

The only way for us to take back our rights and our freedom is to inform everyone of the truth and have the masses unite for peace and freedom for all. That is the driving force behind all truthers efforts. Armed with the truth, untied we can stand, against tyranny and evil. Thanks to the many who strive daily to inform others, to empower and free minds with the truth.

One of those people who strive daily is Alex Jones. Alex has been a pioneer in the truth movement and is tirelessly working to forward the truth movement, and to combat the daily evil doings of the global few who are running a muck in our world today.

Recently when visiting his site I noticed an add for his iPhone app.

Breaking through the corporate media structure and bringing the truth movment to the main stream on the iTunes store is a great achievement that I think should be applauded, great work Alex and team! And kudos to the forward thinking company Apple for allowing a crusader such as Alex to be heard in the main stream. These actions will further the truth movement. Nice work!

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