Agenda 21 Alert: The Sustainable Development of the Ruling Class


Cassandra Anderson
February 16, 2010

featured stories   Agenda 21 Alert: The Sustainable Development of the Ruling Class
scott brown     featured stories   Agenda 21 Alert: The Sustainable Development of the Ruling Class
The American people have fallen prey to Public-Private Partnerships.  A classic example of this is the Federal Reserve System. .


The people of the United Kingdom are upset with the prospect of the French government buying the Port of Dover, when, in fact, they should be outraged!  It is not the French government that proposes to buy the Port,  but a governmental hybrid that follows the collectivists’ blueprint to take over the world’s profitable assets and land.

The British government wants to sell the strategic Port of Dover, at the historic White Cliffs of Dover, to reduce its debt of $1.3 trillion dollars.  While the sale of the Port could rake in over $500 million dollars, this is not even a drop in the bucket to pay down the debt, and the Port is expected to flourish and grow by 85% in the next 20- 30 years.  Currently, it is a public corporation.(1)

The Port is at the narrowest part of the English Channel, the Strait of Dover, just 21 miles from the shores of France and the city of Calais.  The prospective buyer is a French ‘entity’, the Nord-pas-de-Calais regional council, which also owns the city of Calias.  Regional councils are designed to usurp local government power and authority and mix business interests with government.

Joan Veon describes Public- Private Partnerships (PPP) as private companies and governments coming together for profit.  The money partner (private companies) benefit from the alliance in any number of ways: monopolies, tax breaks, enforcement of policies, etc.  She says that the advocates of PPP’s are also its beneficiaries.(2)

Michael Shaw explains how councils are used, in the Soviet model, in his article “What is a Soviet?”, and that partnerships between business and government are established to seize natural resources and exert control over people.(3) Further, councils are used to usurp local authority and autonomy.

Remarkably, the Nord-pas-de-Calais regional council states very clearly that it is part of United Nation’s Agenda 21 Sustainable Development.  In the first paragraph of their own document, they write that their ‘decisions systems’ involve private companies, local authorities, national governments, etc.(4)  France was divided into 22 regions in 1982, “thanks” to the Law of Decentralization- this is Orwellian double speak for more centralized power.  Regional council members are elected, however, they delegate authority to the Permanent Commission.  The Permanent Commission members are appointed through a vote by regional councils, not the people.(6)

The Nord-pas-de-Calais document provides a list of objectives which include: limiting urban extension, creating policies around consumers’ employment, transportation, global warming, etc.  The implementation of Agenda 21, Sustainable Development is rooted in the necessity of limiting global warming, which is based in lies that have recently been exposed in ‘climategate’, ‘glaciergate’ and ‘weathergate’.  Remember that the corrupt science is traceable back to the United Nations.

Even more fascinating, is Britain’s history of privatization.  In chapter 6 of Michael Neild’s book The Police State Road Map(5), he states that Margaret Thatcher began privatizing and selling off resources, utilities and national and local governments (in the areas of health and education).  Some of these profitable entities included: Associated British Ports, Enterprise Oil, British Telecom, British Gas, British Airways, British Steel, Electricity distribution and Regional water companies (some were sold to Enron).  Further, he says that it is ironic that the British version of the IRS sold its entire estate to a company controlled by George Soros (the sales price was 200 million pounds, or $312 million in today’s dollars).

It was also interesting to note that NM Rothschild handled most of the sales for Thatcher and is involved in the sale of the Port of Dover as well.  NM Rothschild has employed several senior Conservative party figures in Britain, including Lord Wakeham, the head of Enron’s audit committee.

Because Prince Charles is a major proponent of Sustainable Development, he has been instrumental in its implementation, so it is no wonder that Britain fell prey to these designs very early.(7)  When governments need money and fall into debt, assets are sold to cover the debt.  Subsequently, the United Nation’s World Bank has adopted this model for underdeveloped countries.

The U.S., Regions and Councils, and PPP’s:

An example of regions redefining America made news last week.   Obama chose 10 governors for his new ‘Council of Governors’ representing the U.S. in 10 “standard Federal regions”, which is aimed at diminishing the autonomy of our 50 independent States, and the federalization of the States.  The other goal is for control of the National Guard.(8)  Other regions and councils are being created on state and local levels.

Mr. Griffin went on to say that the real money-making action takes place at the commercial-bank level when banks create money based on fractional reserves. Once again, money is created only when loans are made. Note, however, that then they collect “interest” on it as if they actually were lending money that they had in their vaults. In truth, they do not lend this money at all. What they do is perform a service for borrower. They convert their IOUs into money. However, this is not explained to borrowers because, otherwise, they wonder why they should pay interest on something that derives its value entirely on their own credit, their own collateral, and their own promise to pay. If they understood fractional-reserve banking, they might agree to a modest service fee for conversion of their IOUs into money, but compounded interest? Not likely.

Mr. Griffin went on to explain deregulation when I asked about Enron.  He said that, in recent years, the word deregulation is used to deceive people.  What usually happens is the sale of enterprises to corporations whose executives are cronies of government officials overseeing the sale and to do so at greatly undervalued prices. The government officials receive kickbacks and campaign donations; the corporate executives receive huge bonuses and stock options; while the taxpayers receive you-know-what. That is usually followed by greater government regulation than ever before to insure that the politically favored corporations have advantages over their competitors and protection from the rigors of competition. Many people believe that so-called deregulation will open up the free market, but the current reality is just the opposite.

When this kind of phony deregulation fails to benefit the people (as it always does), government steps in to ‘fix’ the problem, gaining even more control and killing any semblance of a free market that may be left.The American people also have fallen prey to Public-Private Partnerships.  A classic example of this is the Federal Reserve System.  In a conversation with G. Edward Griffin, he agreed that the Fed is a PPP in which the government compels the use of the Fed’s currency and enforces the Fed’s cartel agreement, in the form of “banking regulations.” First of all, The Fed has no substantial assets, resources, utilities, or anything tangible that it owns. It is commonly said that its money is created out of thin air, but it is more accurate to say that it is created out of debt. In other words, it is created at the instant it is loaned to someone and it disappears when the loan is repaid. The only thing that gives it value is the promise to pay it back, which means the promise of the borrower to labor on behalf of the lender. That’s not quite thin air, but it is true that today’s money does not exist until a loan contract is made.

Secondly, the Fed is a cartel, or union of banks. The purpose of the union was (and is) to eliminate competition between themselves in order to enhance their profits and gain control over their markets.  A cartel is merely an agreement among its members. Nothing of substance is owned by it.  No person or entity owns the oil cartel OPEC. It is merely a group of oil producers who have agreed to cooperate for their mutual benefit. Likewise, the Federal Reserve is merely an executive staff to administer a cartel agreement between American banks.

True deregulation and true private operation of utilities without political corruption would be a blessing, but the creation of politically-favored cartels that now is proceeding under that banner is a giant fraud

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