Local support grows for nullification of federal laws

Tim Eaton
Austin-American Statesman
Saturday, February 20, 2010

The stale old campaign issues education, toughness on crime, taxes have lulled countless voters into inaction for years. But sometimes an issue comes along that energizes a portion of the voting public. This is one of those times.

Politicians and voters haven’t discussed the issue of nullification in about a half-century. But now it’s back. And several candidates and incumbents are chattering about writing state laws that would neutralize federal ones.

But as the wave of enthusiasm grows, some academics have been waving their arms in an effort to slow the tide by saying that the official nullification of federal laws just isn’t legal.

That said, some professors have admitted that a sort of unofficial nullification can sometimes occur.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Debra Medina has been rallying supporters with nullification talk for quite a while now. She might be one of the drivers of the concept’s increased popularity in Texas.

At a rally Jan. 16, Medina seemed to be trying to shame Texans into supporting the issue.

“Thirteen-plus sister states have passed nullification language to stop the federalization of health care,” she said. “Texas sits on our hands.”

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