Shameful Anti-Free Speech Lobby Labels Questioning Government “Hate”

Shameful Anti-Free Speech Lobby Labels Questioning Government “Hate”

Simon Wiesenthal Center continues assault on Internet freedom by lumping in “conspiracy theories” with racism, child abuse and terrorism

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Paul Joseph Watson
Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shameful Zionist propaganda lobby group The Simon Wiesenthal Center has issued a report which smears people who question government as racists and terrorists, labeling conspiracy theories “hate” in the latest crusade against free speech on the Internet.

In an article entitled, Terrorists Targeting Children Via Facebook, Twitter, Fox News affords sympathetic coverage to the 2010 Digital Terrorism and Hate report, which lumps in “conspiracy theories” with “lone wolf extremists,” “bomb making instructions” and “hate games,” implying that dissemination of “conspiracy theories” also amounts to some form of child abuse.

The intention is clear – to smear anyone upset at the mass financial raping they have been subject to, anyone expressing dissent and suspicion towards the federal government, as a racist, extremist, a child abuser, or even a terrorist.

This is merely the latest assault on Internet free speech to coincide with efforts on behalf of numerous governments to censor the Internet as well as the U.S. government’s efforts tocontrol and regulate the world wide web under the guise of Cybersecurity

In reality, the only peddlers of “hate” are the Simon Wiesenthal Center itself. Their latest report is yet another salvo in the long-standing agenda to silence what they characterize as “conspiracy theories,” but what in fact constitute legitimate criticism of the abuses committed by Israel against Palestinians.

One of the “conspiracy theories” cited in the report, along with questioning the official 9/11 story (a form of “hate” shared by no less than 84 per cent of the entire U.S. population), is listed in the Fox News report as “organ theft,” which presumably relates to a Swedish newspaper report about Israel killing Palestinians in order to use their organs, a claim Israel labeled “anti-semitic”.

However, a subsequent London Guardian report confirmed that Israel had routinely harvested organs from dead Palestinians without their family’s consent. Indeed, the former head of Israel’s forensic institute, Dr Yehuda Hiss, admitted to this in a television documentary.

So how The Simon Wiesenthal Center can label organ theft a “conspiracy theory” when one of Israel’s top state doctors openly admitted it occurred on a routine basis is bewildering, but this isn’t about logic or facts, it’s about demonizing legitimate political opposition to the misdeeds of Israel as hate crime.

Anyone who has studied The Simon Wiesenthal Center’s disdain for free speech will understand that such smear tactics are par for the course.

As Jewish scholar Norman G. Finkelstein explains in his monumental book, The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering, the Simon Wiesenthal Center played a fundamental role in smearing Swiss banks as depositories of looted Nazi gold supposedly stolen from Jewish holocaust victims during world war two, a claim completely overblown and exploited for financial profit on behalf of Jewish organizations interested only in filling their own coffers with little or nothing of the proceeds going to actual holocaust survivors, as Finkelstein documents.

In resolving to target “conspiracy theories” by grouping them together with racism and terrorism, the Simon Wiesenthal Center is following in the footsteps of the ADL and the Southern Poverty Law Center, two other purveyors of Zionist propaganda and anti-American intimidation tactics aimed at crushing dissent.

The SPLC released a report earlier this month promulgating the notion that domestic terrorists were being provoked to commit violence by Internet “conspiracy theories,” which just days later was followed by the suspicious Pentagon shooting, an event swiftly exploited by the corporate media in order to demonize 9/11 truth activists as a deadly threat, despite the fact that there was not one previous instance of a 9/11 truther committing violence or any crime in pursuit of their cause.

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