MSNBC to Run McVeigh Propaganda Myth on Anniversary of OK City Bombing

Kurt Nimmo April 5, 2010

It is perfectly timed to feed into the current campaign by the government and corporate media to demonize the patriot movement and portray militias around the country as domestic terrorists — MSNBC’s “The McVeigh Tapes: Confessions of an American Terrorist” will run on April 19.

The real McVeigh story conflicts with the official mythology of violent patriot and militia groups.

MSNBC to Run McVeigh Propaganda Myth on Anniversary of OK City Bombing  onepixel
MSNBC to Run McVeigh Propaganda Myth on Anniversary of OK City Bombing  mcveigh

“In the documentary, viewers will be able to hear McVeigh’s confession for the first time in his own words — the planning and carrying out of the attack,” reports KTUL in Oklahoma.

On March 31, Aitan Goelman, a member of the Department of Justice team that helped win convictions against McVeigh and Terry Nichols in the Oklahoma case, said that the great risk of America’s growing militia movement is not necessarily in the militias themselves, but rather their capacity to spark rogue actors like Mr. McVeigh, according to the Christain Science Monitor.

“On the edges” of political discourse today, Goelman told the newspaper, “you have rhetoric that carries over to extreme factions.”

Goelman made his comment two days after the FBI raided the Hutaree group in Michigan and several days before the Guardians of the free Republics sent letters to state governors around the country suggesting they resign.

“Anytime you have group-think and this churning of ridiculous ideas back and forth, eventually you’ll get someone like McVeigh who’s going to say ‘I’m going to take the mantle of leadership and fire the shot heard around the world and start the second American revolution,’” said Goelman.

The FBI said last week that while they considered the Guardians of the free Republics non-violent — the group is inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King, Jr. — they believe other groups or individuals will use the call for state government officials to step down as a pretext to engage in violence.

“A federal intelligence note is warning police that an anti-government group’s call to remove dozens of sitting governors may encourage others to act out violently,” the Associated Pressreported on April 2. “Investigators do not see threats of violence in the group’s message, but fear the broad call for removing top state officials could inspire others to act out violently.”

“Neither McVeigh nor Mr. Nichols were members of any specific organization, but they were known to associate with hate groups and militias,” notes the Christian Science Monitor. Aitan Goelman suggests rhetoric by militia groups has the ability to “spark rogue actors like Mr. McVeigh.”

Salt Lake City attorney Jesse Trentadue revealed in 2007 that McVeigh was handled by the FBI. Trentadue learned of the government’s connection to McVeigh during a lawsuit filed to release documents in the murder of his brother while in government custody. In the process of the lawsuit, Trentadue was given access to McVeigh’s alleged co-conspirator, Terry Nichols.

“Trentadue was able to discover that, according to Nichols, Attorney General’s Ashcroft’s office gagged Nichols from speaking to the media after it became apparent that McVeigh’s accomplices and government ties to the bombing were in danger of leaking,” Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones wrote on February 23, 2007.

“During the process of his lawsuit, Trentadue was able to receive documents with names blacked out that show the FBI’s OKC bombing informants were conducting armed robberies with Timothy McVeigh in order to fund the construction of the fertilizer bomb used in the attack on the federal building. One of the informants was actually an explosives instructor who taught McVeigh how to make the bomb, according to Trentadue.

In addition, McVeigh told Nichols he was recruited for undercover missions while serving in the military, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.

18 months before the OK City bombing, McVeigh was captured on videotape at Camp Grafton, North Dakota, a military base specializing in demolitions training. The official FBI timeline on McVeigh claims he had no military affiliations at the time.

The Trentadue documents also show that McVeigh called Elohim City two days before the bombing asking for help. Four months before the bombing an FBI informant told his superiors of the attack plan and said that the Alfred P. Murrah building had been scouted.

Elohim City allegedly had ties to The Covenant, The Sword and The Arm of the Lord, a paramilitary survivalist group that operated an Identity settlement near the Arkansas-Missouri border.

In addition to the FBI, the Southern Poverty Law Center was active at Elohim City. The McCurtain Daily Gazette reported on a declassified memo sent to the OKBOMB investigation task force and a select group of FBI offices eight months after the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

“One of the revelations was the involvement of civil-rights attorney Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center in an informant operation,” WorldNetDaily reported on January 6, 2004. “According to the memo, the SPLC was involved in monitoring subjects for the FBI believed to be linked to now-executed bomber Timothy McVeigh, the neo-Nazi compound at Elohim City and the mysterious German national Andreas Carl Strassmeir.”

According to research conducted by Nicole Nichols, Strassmeir was a member of the German military and according to sources the principal militia trainer at Elohim City. Strassmeir, writes Nichols, “first came to the United States because he claimed that he had hoped to work in the operations section of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency.” He later claimed the OK City bombing “was a government ‘op’ that went wrong” and the ATF “had something going with McVeigh.”

“References to an informant working for the SPLC at Elohim City on the eve of the Oklahoma City bombing raises serious questions as to what the SPLC might know about McVeigh’s activities during the final hours before the fuse was lit in Oklahoma City – but which the SPLC has failed to disclose publicly.”

“If I told you what we were doing there, I would have to kill you,” Dees replied when asked by the media about the SPLC’s involvement.

The FBI, SPLC, and the ATF have their fingerprints all over the OK City bombing. However, when MSNBC runs its documentary later this month you will hear nothing about the real story behind the event because it conflicts with the official mythology of violent patriot and militia groups.

Instead you will hear McVeigh’s “confession” claiming he acted alone.

Considering the fact McVeigh’s doctor while awaiting his death sentence was none other than Dr. Louis Jolyn West, it will be difficult to believe the planned televised confession. “The preeminent don of the CIA’s psychological warfare program [MK Ultra] was Dr. Louis Jolyn West,” writes David Hoffman, author of The Oklahoma City Bombing and the Politics of Terror.

West was also the psychiatrist who examined Jack Ruby, the assassin of Lee Harvey Oswald, and Sirhan Sirhan, the “controlled hypo-patsy” who allegedly killed Robert F. Kennedy.

April 19 is not only the anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. It is also the anniversary of the Waco massacre. During the latter half of the month, as Alex Jones has warned, we may witness a false flag attack that will be blamed specifically on the militias and generally on groups and individuals organized in opposition to the government.

The Hutaree raid — revealed to be an FBI spawned patsy operation — and more recently the outlandish accusations against the Guardians of the free Republics are being used as propaganda operations with the full complicity of the corporate media to set the stage for a coming false flag operation designed to take down the patriot movement in this country.

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