Ron Paul Is Not A Politician

Dylan Eleven |

Seeing the recent pole 42% Obama and 41% Ron Paul does not surprise me.  This number will grow rapidly in favour of Paul.  We voted for Obama for one reason, we voted for change for the better, Obama was lying about what change he was going to deliver, namely change for the worse. We did not vote for him, we voted for the change. We have no loyalty to him, he is a liar and a Nazi murder and a cheat.  This is why we will quickly shift gears away from him back to the true change we desired.
Ron Paul is actually talking about the same changes wanted by the population of this planet.  He is one of the people who informed the masses they need the change and how to accomplish it.  He has pointed out the problems as they actually are. This is not typical doublespeak politics.  These are not acts of a politiitian.  To be a politiitan you say one thing and do the exact oppostie.  Therefore Ron Paul is not a politician he is an anti-politician.  Like a few men in the US oval office have been before him, such as John F. Kennedy.
He may be playing their stupid game, but when gets in he would actually throw the game out the window and replace it with positive reality structure that would acutaly benefit the pepole.
My only concern for him is if he does arrive at his destined point where he can literally save the world, buy ceasing all new world order plans, he will be a target instantly as was Kennedy.
My advice would be he must be hidden in the safest place on earth and implement all strategies at once remotely.  The army will follow, the people will follow, he simply has to flick the switch.
I have never voted, as I have never believed in any of the candidates offered (I was not of age to vote for Kennedy).  If they put a “none of the above” box or “self government” choice I would vote… Until now.  I suggest for those like myself who don’t vote out of disgust for the whole system, its time to vote.  Vote for true freedom.
If he succeeds he must be protected.  As we will be putting him in the direct line of fire.

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