Ottawa Bank Torched: Direct Action of False Flag?

May 19, 2010

CBC News reports the following this morning:

An explosive fire at a Royal Bank in Ottawa early Tuesday was a deliberate act of protest against corporate “Kanada,” a video posted online claims.

The video shows the RBC branch at Bank Street and First Avenue at night. It lights up suddenly, and flames spill out the front of the building. Two people can be seen walking casually out and heading offscreen toward the left.

The screen goes dark, and a written statement scrolls up the screen as it is read aloud by a computerized voice. It states that RBC was a major sponsor of the 2010 Olympics on “stolen indigenous land.”

“The Games in Vancouver are now over, but resistance continues,” said the statement. “An RBC branch can be found in every corner of Kanada.”

The statement, signed by “FFFC – Ottawa,” also says the group will be at the G20 summit in Toronto June 26-27 and at the G8 Summit near Huntsville, Ont., June 25-26.

In other words, there will be arsonists at the G20 in June and this will provide the state with an excuse to turn the event into a police state extravaganza.

“Police forces have entered into an alliance to deal with the threat of violent protest at Toronto’s G20 summit with as many as 10,000 uniformed officers and 1,000 private security guards teaming up to protect world leaders,” the Globe and Mail reported on May 11, 2010. “Federal contract tenders obtained by The Globe indicate a small army will descend on Canada’s largest city this June, exceeding the estimated 6,000-police-officer presence at Vancouver’s 2010 Olympics.”

“People in Toronto are already getting a taste of what to expect during the G20 summit,” Dana Gabrielwrote in April. “A recent training exercise simulated a hostage taking in the concourse level of Commerce Court, in the downtown core of the city. The operation was comprised of Toronto Police Emergency Task Force, along with private security personnel. The joint exercise was designed to train police and security guards on how to communicate through a shared radio system. During the G20 summit, private security will play an important role in crowd control and emergency response. This is part of the continued merging of the public and private security sectors. Another training exercise involved two military helicopters flying around the Metro Toronto Convention Center and then landing in front of the CN Tower. This was to test the capability of the landing area and practice transporting delegates to the venues site. These various security drills are intended to check coordinated responses and ultimately to confirm readiness for the summit. They are also used to further acclimate increased police and military presence.”

On March 25, Christine Jones, co-chair of the Canadian Peace Alliance, said she is worried about the cops using agents provocateurs during the protests.

Following the North American Leaders Conference in Montebello, Quebec, in 2007, the Quebec Provincial Police admitted it had three undercover officers dressed as protesters.

On May 5, the Marfin bank in Athens, Greece, was torched, resulting in the death of three bank employees. The corporate media wasted little time blaming activists opposed to IMF austerity. “Although violent demonstrations are commonplace in Greece, they usually takes the form of set-piece clashes between anarchist youths and police and rarely lead to serious injuries. The deaths shocked public opinion and could affect future demonstrations,” the Associated Press reported.

In 2008, Greek police posing as anarchists were caught engaging in property damage.

Does bombing an Ottawa bank further the anti-globalist agenda? Or does it provide the state with yet another reason to crack down on peaceful protesters and label them as violent anarchists?

Once again cui bono comes into play.

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