Why are we still drinking toxic water | Fluoride explored further

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June 14, 2010

In the video below, John Gormley, 3 years prior to becoming the Minister of the Environment clearly stated on RTE’s ‘Primetime’ program that fluoridated water was dangerous for babies and indeed elaborated on this by informing the public, quite rightly, that it caused bone cancer in children. He now expects us to pay, through the use of water meters, for the very same fluoridated toxic water which he openly admits is detrimental to human health.

Despite the clear evidence that this is indeed the case and the statement by Gormley back in 2003 that there was no need for fluoride in the public water supply, it is still there poisoning our children and adults alike. Fluoride is better known as a rat and insect poison and is still used as such to this day.

Gormley’s Fluoride Hypocrisy: “Fluoridated Water Causes Cancer in Children!” But You’re Going to Pay for it Anyway! Sodium Fluoride1 300x154

Why then are we still having to drink toxic water?

Let’s go back in time to 1855 to Freiberg, Germany where fluoride was first successfully prosecuted. At that time people living close to a steel smelting plant were paid compensation due to damage to their health as a direct result of fluoride contamination of their neighbourhood. Similar cases were then brought in 1893 which again led to successful prosecutions against the steel makers where again damages were paid. In 1900 financial penalties resulting from successful prosecutions threatened to bring a halt to the steel plants in Germany and Britain such was the overwhelming evidence of fluoride damage to human health and even livestock when in 1907 crippled cattle were shown to have been poisoned by fluoride contamination of their water supply.

Freiberg has a very close connection to John Gormley and may indeed explain his whole so called ‘green’ ideology which is nothing short of Marxist Socialism. Freiberg University is where John Gormley studied in his youth. The university is infamous for producing and indeed being run by individuals sympathetic to Nazism and Communism. Martin Heidegger, a prominent Nazi sympathiser and supporter, was a teacher and eventually rector of Freiberg University even after the end of World War II.

So why on earth would someone in The Green Party have studied there? I’ll leave you to ponder that one bearing in mind the type of ‘socialist’ ideology which Gormley and his cabal seem to follow.

Below is a link to the Chronology of Fluoride from 1855 to 1997


As you will see from the above document there have been many examples of fluoride contamination for over a century yet John Gormley remains unrepentant and seemingly unaware of these cases (I beg to differ, I think he’s lying) when challenged as to why this highly dangerous toxic chemical is in the public water supply and of course 99% of toothpastes available on supermarket shelves today.

Speaking of toothpaste, if you care to look at the health warnings written on the packaging, you will see that it clearly states that if your child swallows toothpaste then you should seek medical help. That should concern all parents especially when toothpaste manufacturers go out of their way to flavour their product making it more likely that children will swallow it. Also mentioned is the fact that if you get fluoride from any other source you should also consult a doctor.

If this is the case then everyone who brushes their teeth with fluoridated toothpaste using fluoridated water should, by the manufacturers own advice, consult their doctor.

Fluoridated water has been used before as mass medication

As published in the April-May Issue of The Sovereign Independent, fluoride was used in the public water supply in the Nazi concentration camps and Stalin’s Gulags to keep the prisoners drugged into perfect docility so that they could be ‘managed’ easier. Have you never wondered why they lined up so compliantly in those old newsreel pictures to be shot and bundled into pits?

Notwithstanding this effect of fluoridation, another worrying symptom is a 10-30 point drop in IQ levels, particularly in children exposed to fluoride.

You must ask yourselves the question that if this is known as absolute fact, which it is, then why is it in the drinking water of our nation. I can only come to the logical conclusion that it is to have the same effects as set out above.

I don’t think there’s any need to go down the road of suggesting that Hitler and Stalin were concerned about the dental health of their victims. As far as I’m aware, Nazi dental care consisted of a pair of pliers being used to remove gold filings so let’s just forget the myth that fluoride helps teeth. IT DOES NOT.

What level of consumption of fluoride constitutes an overdose?

According to health statistics the average female should be drinking approximately 2.5 litres of water per day and the average male 3.5 litres per day. So at what level are we overdosing if we consume our daily recommended doses of toxic water?

I’ve never heard any reference to what level of fluoride we should be ingesting which is a safe limit and if anything other than toothpaste requires medical attention then I would suggest it must be very low so think again when you’re drinking 3 litres of water a day, nevermind teas and coffees or the fact that fluoride is absorbed by the skin when you shower or bathe.

Let’s be clear here. Fluoride is a toxic chemical which is the by-product of the aluminium industry which, if they had to dispose of it themselves they would have great difficulty in doing so due to the high level of toxicity; yet we, the taxpayers, buy it from them and allow politicians to put it into our water supply.

What a great deal for the aluminium industry!

Gormless Gormley: We Will Tax You for Toxic Water Unfit for Human Consumption

Is this guy for real? He openly admits, and I quote:

“We don’t have to ingest fluoride, it works topically.”

“We also know that we should NOT give fluoridated tap water to children” (WHY NOT?)

“Fluoridated tap water should NOT be given to babies” (WHY NOT?)

“Fluoridation is a manifestation of toxicity”

“When we have too much fluoride in our bodies this can lead to bone cancer in children”

What is fluoride doing in our drinking water if what John Gormley says and believes to be true?

He is directly responsible today for the fact that fluoride is still in our drinking water and being given to babies, either directly through consumption or indirectly being absorbed through the skin.

Isn’t it time John Gormley stepped down amid the growing lies  and considering his utter hypocrisy around the fact that he is knowingly poisoning us and our children with, as he admits himself, a toxic chemical?

Isn’t it indeed time he was prosecuted for his role in poisoning the public water supply by his own admission?

Not only is he poisoning the public water supply but he now expects the public to pay to be poisoned.

I have to say, if that is acceptable to the public at large then I’ll repeat a point from earlier in this article.

Fluoride is responsible for lowering IQ levels between 10-30 points.

Again, if you’re happy to pay for toxic drinking water, then possibly the above mentioned drop in IQ levels has indeed taken hold and your mental faculties have been seriously undermined.

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