G20 Protesters Will Face Water Cannons and A.R.W.E.N. crowd control guns

Kurt Nimmo

June 21, 2010

“Police have added a water cannon to their arsenal as they step up security ahead of this week’s G20 summit in Toronto,” reports the Globe and Mail. “Provincial police Const. Michelle Murphy of the Integrated Security Unit says the water projection system will be used to control large crowds if there are riots. Activists have promised to be out in force to protest the two-day summit of world leaders that starts Friday.”

In other words, if police provocateur “anarchists” break the windows at banks and McDonalds — as they invariably do at globalist confabs — the cops will unleash water cannons on peaceful demonstrators.

People can walk away from an encounter with a water cannon with serious internal injuries such as a ruptured spleen. If such injuries are ignored, death could occur later. The high pressure modern water cannons can achieve pressure of up to 30 bar which can result in broken bones, according to Wikipedia.

The presence of the media at riots has had a significant impact on water cannon use. There is much pressure on police departments to avoid bad publicity, and water cannons often play badly in the press. It is considered that this is a likely reason that they are not used more often in countries with a free press.

Apparently that is not a concern in the modern Canadian police state.

Toronto’s finest will not wait until the globalists gather to decide how to implement world government. “Toronto’s police chief has said 5,100 officers have been assigned to keep the city safe as the weekend summit nears. There was also a visible increase in the number of uniformed police officers on downtown streets over the weekend.”

G20 security to unleash “less lethal” A.R.W.E.N. crowd control guns on protesters

Federal Jack
You Tube
June 21, 2010

Canadian police show off another “less lethal” crowd control toy to deploy on potentially unruly protesters, anarchists or even “terrorists” at the upcoming G8 and G20 meetings coinciding in Canada at the end of June.

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