Did H.A.A.R.P Cause the Toronto Earthquake?

Dylan Eleven | Truth11.com

As previously documented here, HAARP has caused the Haiti earthquake, China, Chile… The list goes on.  The latest earthquake to be suspected of being caused by HAARP is Toronto Canada.

Here is a video by someone at the zoo on the day of the Toronto earthquake

The lights seen in the sky are one indication of a possible HAARP intervention.  The other is the direction of the shaking.  A natural earthquake shakes side to side.  HAARP makes the earth shake vertically.  As the Haiti video demonstrates here.

The following video of the Toronto earthquake demonstrates the direction of the shaking.   Looks like vertical to me.   HAARP Toronto 5.5.

As for motive for this demonstration.  Why pick Toronto as a location to show the power of this device?  G20 maybe?  Showing the reach of this weapon can be aimed anywhere.

So did HAARP cause this earthquake?  Further investigation is obviously warranted as the tell tale signs of HAARP are all present.

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