No Rights In Toronto Due to the G20

Dylan Eleven |

It took only an hour for me to be arrested and treated as a terrorist, with no rights whatsoever at the Toronto G20 for taking pictures of the police and barricades.

As stated by the police officer ” You have no rights”. I was told I could be taken away with no rights and be tried as a terrorist for photographing police in a restricted Zone.

They threatened to rip apart my bag if I did not comply and submit to a bag and body search.   I was ilegally searched by section 8 standards but as instructed by the arresting officer I can be searched and detained in any area without cause up to Bloor St.  “They have changed many laws for this” he said, he continued to explain that all crimes are considered a crime agains the state.

With only photos of police and fences on my camera I had to convince them of my identify and intent.  They accused me of collecting intel of strategic locations and instructed me I could be detained and tried as a terrorist. My name was taken and has been documented that I was photographing police at the G20.

What fun to see the NWO face to face.  After a background check and a physical search I was released.

Here are links to the statute and regulation that purport to allow the police to arrest you if you go too close to the G20 fence and refuse a request to provide identification or to be searched:

Here are some of the photos I was able to keep.

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