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Dylan Eleven |

They have their justification for spending a billion dollars on security.  The news is riddled with stories of how cars are on fire, and thank goodness they spent that much, they should have even spent more they are saying.

Bait cars, sound cannons, tear gas, pepper guns, rubber bullets, 3 cop cars on fire, mostly peaceful protestors, some black-clad smashing storefronts and setting the cars on fire.  Police kicking and hitting protestors on the ground.  Just what the establishment wanted.  The focus is on the vandalism not the message of the true protestors.

The message people should take away is the government is corrupt, manufacturing depressions and enslaving the population and the people are not happy.

500-600 people detained, 20 corrupt leaders planning global taxes, austerity, global government and expansion of government tyranny.   Nazi police tactics, martial law, police chief slip, “we have, I mean know of people in the anarchist groups” = paid provocateurs hijacking the peaceful protests, that were suspiciously left alone by police.  Illegal searches, torture and beating peaceful protestors and journalists. Welcome to the Toronto G20.  New world order in full effect in police state Toronto.  Fascist police state, writing numbers on prisoners arms, poor prison conditions.

Repeat of scenes from 2009 G20 meeting in Pittsburgh as martial law drills continue

Steve Watson
Monday, Jun 28th, 2010

In a repeat of scenes witnessed at last year’s G20 meeting in Pittsburgh, protesters in Toronto are being abducted off the streets and bundled into unmarked vehicles which are driven away at high speeds.

Several videos show police tackling protesters to the ground, cuffing them and then handing them over to unidentified casually dressed individuals who shove the demonstrators into unmarked black vans.

Police then randomly grab further protesters as more of the unmarked vehicles arrive on the scene.

Watch the video:

This video of scenes from the protests shows another protester being forced into an unmarked black vehicle as the crowds chant “let them go”:

In another video of the same incident police are seen keeping the roads clear for the unmarked vehicles to get away:

Other videos show police seemingly randomly grabbing peaceful demonstrators for no reason other than getting too close to the police line:

These videos, and many others uploaded to Youtube, clearly show police charging and attacking peaceful protesters and journalists, while in some cases black bloc anarchists have been allowed to rampage through the city unchallenged.

Prior to the G20 and G8 gatherings, Toronto police were given unprecedented powers to to arrest anyone near the security zone who refuses to identify themselves or agree to a police search.

It is not clear where the snatched protesters were taken, however it is assumed they were detained in the massive movie studio police have been using as a temporary jail. The building is roughly five kilometres from the Toronto Convention Centre, outside the two security zones.

British activist Charlie Veitch, who was arrested last week in Toronto for refusing to show ID, described the conditions in the makeshift prison on last Friday’s Alex Jones show, noting that the building the size of two football pitches was crammed with cages and covered with cctv cameras.

Veitch, along with Canadian activist Dan Dicks returned to the show yesterday to detail suspicious undercover police activity at the meeting.

Watch the video:

During last year’s G20 meeting video was captured of military police kidnapping a demonstrator in Pittsburgh, shoving him into an unmarked gold Sedan and driving away.

The video quickly became viral and attracted much media attention:

After the Drudge Report linked to the shocking video, hoards of mindless Neo-Cons flooded comment boards claiming the event was “fake” or “staged,” citing all manner of ludicrous and unfounded reasons in a desperate effort to deny the fact that America is now a military police state.

G20 security officials subsequently took responsibility for the video and admitted it was real, stating that the protester was arrested for “vandalizing a store.”

The message is clear, exercising free speech in Canada and the U.S. is now officially a criminal offense and people who dare exercise it are attacked and abducted in broad daylight.

These scenes are a precursor to what our future cities will permanently look like as the world we live in worsens at the hands of the international banksters that have hijacked our governments and our political systems. Only by standing up now and refusing to accept scenes like this as normal do we stand any chance of preventing that scenario from unfolding.

Regarding the Black Bloc

Dylan Eleven |

You may have put on a black suit, black hoodie and black bandana.  You may have thought your leader really hates McDonalds and Starbucks.  You may think you joined an organized group of people enlisted to ransack the city, to shout anarchy at the cost of the corporations.  But what you dont know is that your leader is on the govenment payrol, and you just served a purpose.  Firstly you justified the money they spent, the billion dollars on arming themselves to the teeth.  You gave them validation for purchasing guns and sonic weapons.  Weapons that they now have and can use again, against us, at any time they want. You also made the masses think its ok to suspend our rights, “look what happened, having less rights is ok if we are safe” the masses are regurgitating.     You also gave the green light for the cops to mass attack peaceful protestors.  You gave them the cover, you gave them the excuse.

Did you not think it was weird the cops left you alone to smash shit up?

Did you not see them backing off?.

When you completed their bidding, did they come after you?  They will.  But not the ones on their pay roll.

Typical New World Order Bullshit.

How does it feel to be used?.  Don’t worry, we are not mad at you. You were deceived. You hate the establishment as we all do.  Just the way you expressed yourself is not in your best interests, or ours.

Do the right thing.  Expose your leaders, expose their ties to the government.  No one will fucking care about the windows.  Take away the power of the message you helped enforce.

And whatever you do, don’t help them again.  For the sake of us all.  Im mean, come on, really, who gives a shit about McDonalds, when you have politicians waging wars, killing millions of innocent people, enslaving us with economics and keeping us poor.  There are more important things at stake.  Spend your energies uniting the masses against government tyranny.   But don’t play into their hands doing it.

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Here is an article from Reuters _______________

Most protesters remained peaceful, with many bearing signs and chanting slogans aimed both at the G20 and police tactics. “Whose streets, our streets,” roared the crowd.

Soon after the demonstrators arrived near the G20 barriers, groups of black-clad protesters appeared to separate themselves from the larger group and confronted the hundreds of police shadowing the march.

TV reports said protesters at the front of the march were hurling objects such as golf balls at police.

Overnight, police conducted raids on houses of suspected protest organisers in Toronto and arrested four people on charges of conspiracy to commit mischief, in what police said was a protest-related move.


Michel Comte
June 27, 2010

TORONTO — Toronto police used tear gas and arrested 75 when a violent mob tried to hijack a peaceful protest by tens of thousands of people against the G20 summit, the city’s police chief said.

“We have never seen this level of wanton criminality on our streets,” chief Bill Blair told a press conference hours after the protest, adding police were still scouring the streets fearing more trouble.

Some 30,000 people, according to rally organizers, marched against the G20 summit Saturday demonstrating in favor of social causes, in a largely peacefully rally until violence erupted on its fringes.

The main body of the march was a well-marshaled event, led by older activists and organized labor, but splinter groups of young hardliners scuffled with riot officers and set fire to three patrol cars.

At least three more vehicles and windows in downtown Toronto’s financial district were damaged, and the air was thick with the smell of vinegar-soaked rags used to ward off police tear gas.

Full article here


The Alex Jones Channel

June 27, 2010

Charlie Veitch, founder of activist group The Love Police describes his ordeal at the hands of Canadian jackboots on the scene of the G8/G20 meeting in Toronto.


Report: Toronto police rough up journalists, arrest peaceful protesters at G20

Daniel Tencer
Raw Story
June 27, 2010

Reporters covering the G20 summit in Toronto say they were the target of police violence overnight, as riots blamed on anarchist groups left four police cars burning in the financial district and resulted in the arrests of some 150 people.

“A newspaper photographer was shot with a plastic bullet in the backside, while another had an officer point a gun in his face despite identifying himself as a member of the media,” reportedthe Canadian Press news agency. The agency did not say if it was its own reporters who were targeted.

Previously: Toronto gets ‘secret’ arrest powers ahead of G20 protests

In a remarkable series of Tweets early Sunday morning, journalist Steve Paikin of public broadcaster TV Ontario said he witnessed “police brutality” against a reporter and the arrests of peaceful demonstrators.

“I saw police brutality tonight. It was unnecessary. They asked me to leave the site or they would arrest me. I told them I was doing my job,” he Tweeted.

As I was escorted away from the demonstration, I saw two officers hold a journalist. The journalist identified himself as working for ‘the Guardian.’ He talked too much and pissed the police off. Two officers held him a third punched him in the stomach. Totally unnecessary. The man collapsed. Then the third officer drove his elbow into the man’s back. No cameras recorded the assault. And it was an assault.”

Paikin had been at a demonstration in Toronto’s Esplanade neighborhood, a densely-populated area near the waterfront. He said police moved in on a crowd of peaceful, “middle class” protesters and began arresting them.

“Police on one side screamed at the crowd to leave one way. Then police on the other side said leave the other way. There was no way out,” he Tweeted. “So the police just started arresting people. I stress, this was a peaceful, middle class, diverse crowd. No anarchists. Literally more than 100 officers with guns pointing at the crowd. Rubber bullets and smoke bombs ready to be fired. Rubber bullets fired.”

Paikin, a respected journalist who has hosted national election debates in Canada, said he was “escorted” away by police before he could see how many people were arrested, “but it must have been dozens.”

“I have lived in Toronto for 32 years. Have never seen a day like this. Shame on the vandals and shame on those that ordered peaceful protesters attacked and arrested.”

Earlier in the day, police told media that a small group of “Black bloc” demonstrators broke off from a protest of 10,000 people and began smashing storefront windows along the city’s trendy Queen Street.

The CBC News Network reported that protesters smashed in the windows of an American Apparel outlet, pulled out the mannequins and spread feces on the floor. The storefronts of McDonald’s and Starbucks locations were also damaged, as were numerous bank branches.

Police shut down all public transit in the city center, including subway and streetcar lines. They also shut down a large downtown shopping complex after reports of looting. AFP reported that some 200 people were trapped inside, unable to leave after the mall was put into lockdown.


Toronto Police Attacking Peaceful Protestors


No Rights In Toronto

Dylan Eleven |

It took only an hour for me to be arrested and treated as a terrorist, with no rights whatsoever at the Toronto G20 for taking pictures of the police and barricades.

As stated by the police officer ” You have no rights”. I was told I could be taken away with no rights and be tried as a terrorist for photographing police in a restricted Zone.

They threatened to rip apart my bag if I did not comply and submit to a bag and body search.   I was ilegally searched by section 8 standards but as instructed by the arresting officer I can be searched and detained in any area without cause up to Bloor St.  ”They have changed many laws for this” he said, he continued to explain that all crimes are considered a crime agains the state.

With only photos of police and fences on my camera I had to convince them of my identify and intent.  They accused me of collecting intel of strategic locations and instructed me I could be detained and tried as a terrorist. My name was taken and has been documented that I was photographing police at the G20.

What fun to see the NWO face to face.  After a background check and a physical search I was released.

Here are links to the statute and regulation that purport to allow the police to arrest you if you go too close to the G20 fence and refuse a request to provide identification or to be searched:

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