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Dylan Eleven |

If you meet a bully or a new manipulative boss tries something on, you must not accept any abuse right away, call them on it and do not ever tolerate it.  If you accept it once and they will always do it.  Call them on it right away and they will never do it again.

The Toronto police and Canadian government have crossed a line during the Toronto G2o.  They chose to remove our rights for a specified time for a specifed purpose.  Regardless of time or why, the fact that they did this is a first strike, a test. If we accept this right now, they will know they can suspend our rights at their discretion.

Discussing this with a friend he put it best. “A right is not a right if it can be taken away”.  We cannot tolerate any infringement on them. For any reason.  Especially not their manufactured pantomime.

We must react and not allow this to go un noticed.  We must act now and inform the government that is not acceptable to remove our rights for any reason.  Please protest, write, flyer, tell others.  We must send a message to the Government, that shit does not fly with us.  We do not accept our rights to be removed now or at any time.

I personally was arrested for not allowing my section 8 rights to be violated.  I will not allow this to stand.  I object and will voice my objections.

We must all as a population of the planet, realize the power we have in unity.  We are all on the same side, we all want the same things for ourselves, our families, and our neighbours far and wide.  Its the fucking government control freaks kissing the asses of spineless bankers for glory and power who are causing all the problems in this world.   The thing is, we out number these bullies millions to one.   Yet when they do something mean in the playground the masses take it.  Why?  Because they tell us to.  That is not a good reason.

Wake the fuck up people and wake up the guy standing next to you would ya.  We need to unite and ignore war mongers.

United we stand.  United we refuse the bullshit of the few.  Result =  World peace and global utopia over night.


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