Toronto G2O | Black Bloc…. bullshit = government paid provocateurs and police in disguise | Video

Dylan Eleven |

Exposed G2o Toronto Police and Government Paid Provocateurs

To those tricked into being paties by the government and police.

You may have put on a black suit, black hoodie and black bandana.  You may have thought your leader really hates McDonalds and Starbucks.  You may think you joined an organized group of people enlisted to ransack the city, to shout anarchy at the cost of the corporations.  But what you dont know is that your leader is on the govenment payrol, and you just served a purpose.  Firstly you justified the money they spent, the billion dollars on arming themselves to the teeth.  You gave them validation for purchasing guns and sonic weapons.  Weapons that they now have and can use again, against us, at any time they want. You also made the masses think its ok to suspend our rights, “look what happened, having less rights is ok if we are safe” the masses are regurgitating.     You also gave the green light for the cops to mass attack peaceful protestors.  You gave them the cover, you gave them the excuse.

Did you not think it was weird the cops left you alone to smash shit up?

Did you not see them backing off?.

When you completed their bidding, did they come after you?  They will.  But not the ones on their pay roll.

Typical New World Order Bullshit.

How does it feel to be used?.  Don’t worry, we are not mad at you. You were deceived. You hate the establishment as we all do.  Just the way you expressed yourself is not in your best interests, or ours.

Do the right thing.  Expose your leaders, expose their ties to the government.  No one will fucking care about the windows.  Take away the power of the message you helped enforce.

And whatever you do, don’t help them again.  For the sake of us all.  Im mean, come on, really, who gives a shit about McDonalds, when you have politicians waging wars, killing millions of innocent people, enslaving us with economics and keeping us poor.  There are more important things at stake.  Spend your energies uniting the masses against government tyranny.   But don’t play into their hands doing it.

Several police officers have come forward and admitted they were told not to touch the black bloc.

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