9/11 Truth for Peace? Sydney’s Sept 11 Protest Calls for End of Afghan War!

2010-08-27 12:46 PM
Sydney’s Sept 11 Protest Calls for End of Afghan War! August 24, 2010 By John Bursill John Bursill’s Blog at visibility911.com/ So why should we believe that “9/11 Truth” can stop the war in Afghanistan and bring the “War on Terrorism” to an end? I will lay out below the non-conspiratorial reasons why it is vitally important that we continue to demand accountability from our governments, on why it is they went to war on our behalf in 2001. I will also argue why I am correct to strongly assert that the pursuit of 9/11 truth and a criminal investigation of those events is the only practical path to peace today. Details of an upcoming Sydney “9/11 Truth for Peace” Protest on September 11th, 2010 are at the bottom of this article. On the 11th of September 2001 the world entered a very dark chapter of its history! We were promised a 100 years of war in this “New American Century” fighting “the terrorists” wherever the American Empire deemed they were, and at the time of their choosing. We were told that this “New Pear Harbor” event carried out on 9/11 by the CIA born Al-Qaeda was a fair and reasonable reason to carry out a preemptive strike against their supporters the Taliban, by the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. The vast majority of the world’s population and its governments rallied behind the US determined to fight Islamic terrorism together world wide. Although some more skeptical commentators and governments were cautious with their support for this so called “War on Terrorism”, they found themselves intimidated into silence. For the Bush/Cheney Administration and its powerful media supporters made it abundantly clear “that you are with us or you are with the terrorists” GWB.

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