WAKE UP CALL to the Mainstream Media! You’ve Lost the Public Already!

Neil Foster
Sovereign Independent
Friday, October 1, 2010

Last weekend in Belfast I had the pleasure of listening to Jim Corr giving his first public speaking engagement.

He spoke about 9/11 initially and went on to give, in my opinion, a very good and accurate overview of how the world is being led by the power elite into a totalitarian dystopic society where the masses, that’s you and I folks, will be nothing more than slaves and playthings for those at the top of the power structure, namely the international banking families who have dominated the world for centuries.

Was this event even mentioned in the mainstream media? NO! One would wonder why not when such a prominent Irish figure and someone who has promoted Ireland across the world with his sisters during the height of their success with The Corrs is the keynote speaker.

No, the mainstream media would rather go looking for dirt on a man who is simply putting his career and personal reputation on the line simply by telling the truth about what is actually going on in the world.

We now have a report from RTE (Really Terrible Entertainment) on how Mr. Corr is under scrutiny for some alleged financial irregularity in regard to €1.3 million.

Compare that to the BILLIONS which have been STOLEN openly by the banks in this country which the taxpayer is now being FLEECED to pay back.

Why isn’t RTE shouting from the rooftops that these criminals in the banking world and the politicians who facilitated their massive frauds and blatant thievery of billions of Euro of OUR MONEY being arrested and jailed for these corrupt practices?


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Why has nobody been charged with what amounts to the biggest bank heist in history?

No, instead, just coincidently of course, RTE decides that Jim Corr is easy meat on the hook of mainstream media disinformation.

Why aren’t RTE reporting on Bono’s fraudulent charity? Is it because he’s untouchable for some reason? Is it because he seemingly has friends in high places and jets around the world preaching love and charity for mankind whilst gorging himself on huge profits made from slave labour sweatshops he uses in China for his products?



Let’s face facts here. The mainstream media are nothing but whores of the New World Order who will go after anyone with a realistic view of the world as it obviously appears before us, which is not only relevant but also diligently researched and documented, because it doesn’t sit too comfortably with their masters.

Anyone who still buys these so called ‘newspapers’ or believes that RTE tells the truth really needs to have their heads examined because if you believe any of the garbage they waste ink or airtime on then I’m afraid you’re a gonner!

They are nothing more than propaganda sheets and visual con tricks to keep you, the sheeple public, in your pen where they want you to stay. That’s why it’s called the MEDIA! Its job is not to inform or tell the truth.

In FACT, there is not a single law anywhere on the planet that states that the mainstream media has to tell the truth on anything! Yep, that’s right folks, not ONE!

Its job is to keep you in the MIDDLE to prevent you thinking for yourself by making you believe what they say is true and therefore allowing the MEDIA, to do your thinking for you!

From the Collin’s Dictionary: MEDIA is a plural noun. There is an increasing tendency to use it also as a singular noun because of the ambiguous senses of MEDIUM.

Do yourselves a favour and stop buying their papers which are garbage before they get anywhere near a recycling bin!

The event last weekend was the first Wake Up Call in Ireland. The next Wake Up event will take place in Edinburgh on the 20th of November where Jim Corr will again be speaking.

I’ll be attending that event also and I would encourage anyone who can go along to do so. These events need our support especially in these hard times.

It is indeed time for people to WAKE UP and see the world around them as it really is without the distortion of rose coloured mainstream media spectacles!