11 Essential Steps To End A Nightmare

Sovereign Independent
Friday, November 26, 2010

The only hope for Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England is for folk to:

1. stop giving power to criminal bankster/elites and their duped and corrupted politicians,
2. take control of our own national currency issue and uphold common-law,
3. leave the EU, Codex Alimentarius and all corrupt globalist treaties,
4. default on all international bankster debts,
5. help those engineered to be unemployed back into genuine productive work,
6. farm and work for food, fuel and skill-base self-sufficiency,
7. cut funding/support to police, military and journalists that do not serve the people,
8. clear our airspace of chemtrailers and our soil and water of chemical toxins,
9. restore proper science, nutrition, healthcare and welfare,
10. educate children and adults so that they will never again be exploited as cattle of bankster/elites.

11. (added by Truth11)  Global unity.  We have great strength in numbers as a global population.  We must unite and implement 1-10 globally. These points will help north america and the rest of the world also.  They operate globally, so must shall we.

We cannot be rescued by the current system because it is that system which is destroying our nations and families by design: using corrupted media-culture with divide-and-rule and false-flag terror deceptions to remove our freedoms.

Ordinary people of all nations and backgrounds can indeed cooperate to build a better and peaceful world, but only if they uphold and take charge of their own national sovereignty and end the divide-and-rule elitist scams that are designed to herd us into conflict and global corporate dictatorship.

Organise, share information and protest but do not be misled into violent acts by state agent-provocateurs who want excuses to further build a police-state.

It is time to hear a different tune to that put out by the elites’ media and it is time to make up your own mind (see the links below for example). Above all, learn of and understand the centuries-old international bankster scam at: http://www.themoneymasters.com/
If you do not understand this you have no hope.

Fascist eugenicists are again increasingly on the march and we are in the end game. Ordinary people are strong in number. It is we that have the power if we will but take it back and just say NO to the bankster “New World Order”.

It really is now or never. Truly; this could be our finest hour.

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