Fly The Real Flag And Judge The Governments Actions Accordingly

Dylan Eleven

A really simple way to explain to someone the true horrors our  government has forced upon this planet, is to reveal its true flag.  In the shadows this flag has ruled. Its principles upheld.  Its strategies carried out.

If you switch the US flag for the Nazi Swastika and take a look at US government actions for the past 70+ years, and judge each action with the true flag flying;  You will see the forest for the trees.

If we witnessed invasion, false flag attacks, war, eugenics, FEMA camps, police state, ilegal searches, no freedom of speech, floruidaztion + sterilization … with the Nazi flag flying we would have judged the actions of the US government to be horrific. unjust and we would have revolted all the way.

But with the use of propaganda, and the stars and stripes, mass genocied by the US government is considered to be spreading peace and freedom.

At least the USSR style propaganda, the people were told how it was but they knew they were being lied to.  The US style has the population thinking the propaganda is real.

The reality is the Nazi flag is the true flag of the US Government.  The wonderful reality is the masses, the majority, the population all have their true flags flying on every porch.   And we outnumber the New World Order millions to one.

We have great strength in unity.

United we stand

The power of the US government Nazi propaganda is lost forever when the the truth is known.  The truth will set us free.

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