A Solution For The Evil Few | A Way Out For The Corrupt Elite

Dylan ElevenTruth11.com

When you fight a bully and they get backed into a corner, the bully can do some pretty stupid things. The best thing to do is give them an easy out. Allow them to choose something that works for them and is in your best interest. You may be the strongest person or best fighter, but if a bully decides to pull a gun, then it would have been better to give them an out, especially one where they don’t loose face, something they are more likely to accept.

The fascist global elite that have corrupted our planet and enslaved us all with tyrannical wars, unnecessary starvation, false flag attacks, FEMA camps, fake economic crises, conspiracy after conspiracy, the list goes on and on and on. This crew of evil few are at a point in time like no other. The truth is known by more people today then ever before. Our unitiy far out numbers their corrupt few. The soldiers that stand beside them now, will rise to the occascion and turn on the corrupt government at the right moment. The bully is backed into a corner.

Before they decide to do something stupid. I have an easy solution for them:


Fix everything overnight by simply giving the order to stand down all the bullshit you are envolved wtih. We can build our own civilization very easily without having to swim upstream in the evil corrupt system you have created. The amount of benefit we will feel if you simply stop doing all the evil you are doing, we will have a utopia within months. The natural course of human interaction is cooperation. Competition is unnaturally forced upon us by you, the evil corrupt self proclaimed elite.

And Second:

Fuck off and never ever come back. Go somewhere nice, build your castles and live on your yatchs. Live with all the money and riches you have. Just stop all the evil output. If you do steps 1 and 2. If people have a wonderful life again, the masses may not feel the need to hunt you all down and hang you from the lampposts on Pennsylvania Ave.

Its much better to take the easy option. Be nice, then fuck off.