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Infowars campaign firmly rooted in spirit of resistance movements that have stood up to tyranny throughout history

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Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Monday, January 24, 2011

The historical foundation of the V for Victory symbol is firmly rooted in the stirring spirit of ordinary French people who risked deportation, concentration camps and death in merely expressing their symbolic resistance to being occupied by the Nazis during World War Two.

After the Nazi occupation of France, Victor Auguste de Laveleye, former Belgian minister of Justice and director of the Belgian French-speaking broadcasts on the BBC, picked up on the V’s that were already being scrawled all over Paris by frustrated French citizens demonstrating their opposition to their new slave masters, and devised a massive allied propaganda campaign that would use the V symbol against the Nazis as an act of psychological warfare.

During a radio broadcast, Laveleye explained the power behind the symbol.

“[T]he occupier, by seeing this sign, always the same, infinitely repeated, [would] understand that he is surrounded, encircled by an immense crowd of citizens eagerly awaiting his first moment of weakness, watching for his first failure.”

The V symbol was then adapted by Churchill in his familiar hand salutes, and subsequently broadcast in the form of Morse code to French listeners of Radio Londres, a station broadcast by the Free French forces into occupied France. The audible V was made up of the first four notes of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony, which were meant to represent fate knocking at one’s door – another act of psychological warfare against the Nazis given the fact that Beethoven was German.

The radio station’s purpose was to counter the propaganda of the Vichy collaborators and the Nazis, while at the same time passing on messages to the French Resistance and encouraging the spirit of resistance amongst the general population as a whole.

The launch of the Infowars V For victory campaign is partly a tribute to resistance movements throughout the ages who against all odds have stood up against tyranny. It is also about sending a message to Homeland Security and the new world order in general that we will not meekly accept the destruction of America and its replacement with a decaying banana republic in which people are told to inform on each other and a country in which anyone who exercises their constitutional rights or criticizes the state is labeled a terrorist, which is exactly the case in the DHS’ own internal documents.

This is about re-asserting the fact that our lives are led by the pursuit of freedom, prosperity and happiness – the American dream – and not by fear, division and intimidation. This is about sending a message to the American people that we should stand united against the abuses of big government, not become tattle-tales for the state.

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Criticisms are inevitable with any campaign we launch and indeed the Infowars team had already discussed several of the points that subsequently emerged before we even began the campaign.

– The guy that shot up the school board painted a big V on the wall before threatening people with a gun.

The gunman, 56-year-old Clay Duke, spray-painted a V within a circle, and was clearly influenced to do so by the 2006 movie V For Vendetta. Indeed, Duke’s own Facebook page confirmed he was a fan of the movie. As we have repeatedly stated, our campaign has nothing to do with this movie, it is influenced by the spirit of the French Resistance in their struggle against Nazi occupation during the early 1940′s. This is not V for Vendetta – our inspiration is the V for Victory campaign which was adopted by the allies as a psychological warfare tactic against the Nazis, having been started by members of the frustrated occupied French who wanted to express their symbolic resistance against the Nazis.

Any establishment media mouthpiece that attempts to link our campaign with Clay Duke is insulting the legacy of thousands of French fathers, mothers, sons and daughters, who were sent to Nazi death camps, had their heads chopped off with axes, or were massacred by German troops for standing up against occupation.

– Why are you siding with the French Resistance? They were all communists.

This charge has been leveled by people who spent five minutes doing a cursory google search and clicking on a couple of Wikipedia links. Anyone who reads a proper history book concerning the period, such as the acclaimed The Resistance by Matthew Cobb, will discover that the French Resistance comprised of people from numerous political persuasions, from leftists, to right-wingers, from union workers to business owners, to ordinary citizens. Indeed, the man who later became the ideological figurehead of the French Resistance, General Charles de Gaulle, was an extremely conservative individual.

In modern-day political parlance, the Gaullist label is often attributed to a leading political party or movement in France that is said to “transcend the left/right rift” and is characterized as populist.

– The V is an occult symbol and Infowars/Prison Planet/Alex Jones is part of the illuminati conspiracy.

As a poster on our Facebook page commented, at some stage in history every symbol has been hijacked by one occult or evil group for their own purposes. The inverted Nazi swastika began as far back as 4,000 BC and was later used by numerous Asian religions and traditions before being hijacked by the 3rd Reich. The meaning of the symbol draws on the motivation behind the message. We have also likened the V symbol to a pyramid turned upside down – this doesn’t mean we are working for the illuminati. We are reclaiming the V for Victory symbol and using it in the spirit of the French Resistance of the 1940′s – it has no other connotation for our purposes.

As one of our readers commented, “V For Victory. You couldn’t have come up with a better symbol if you tried. You have subconsciously suggested, ironically, an upturned Illuminati, New world order pyramid symbol? You’ve created an anti Illuminati logo.”

– What’s the point in posting V flyers everywhere? it won’t achieve anything.

Why did the occupied French write V’s everywhere in Paris and other areas of France? Why did the successful allies devise a huge psychological warfare campaign to use the V symbol against the Nazis? This is not just about waking up the general public, it’s about connecting with the people inside the system who do the legwork for the new world order agenda. We are already getting emails (1,2) from people within Homeland Security and the Federal Reserve who are rebelling against their bosses because of our work and others like us.

In addition, if posting messages is completely pointless, why does Homeland Security spend millions placing video messages at Wal-Mart checkouts telling Americans to spy on each other? If it had no effect, why would they bother? The modern day equivalent of the Vichy traitors (the Obama administration) is indoctrinating the sheeple to police each other, they’re coercing obedience to the state. Our campaign uses the exact same tactic but with the opposite message – we are coercing freedom and liberty.

Now that we have expanded on the motivations behind the V For Victory campaign, we look forward to a flood of people participating in this new outreach by printing off the V For Victory flyers or using one of the dozens of excellent alternatives created by fans, and posting them throughout their local community.

Remember – You Are The Resistance!


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show. Watson has been interviewed by many publications and radio shows, including Vanity Fair and Coast to Coast AM, America’s most listened to late night talk show.


With the V for Victory campaign just barely underway, posters and flyers are popping up in some unexpected places, including in front of the White House and in Juarez City, Mexico. Join the resistance campaign, keep your entries coming, check out theother submissions and never stop fighting for victory.

In front of the White House, Washington DC
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Infowars activists around the world are taking action, and spreading the word of our resistance against Big Sis’ attempted takeover.

V for Victory in Juarez City Chihuahua, Mexico
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More from Juarez City Chihuahua, Mexico – Click images for higher resolution.

V For Victory Appears at White House, Mexico & Beyond  24v mex06 V For Victory Appears at White House, Mexico & Beyond  24v mex07
V For Victory Appears at White House, Mexico & Beyond  24v mex02 V For Victory Appears at White House, Mexico & Beyond  24v mex03

In another type of response to the contest, a listener has supported a clever DHS parody, turning their mind-numbing propaganda around to stop thought itself.

Revolution Not: DHS PSA- Stop think. Connect.


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