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Truth11 films presents new short film Techno Revolution + Self-Government System.   The latest film is a call to action. Peacefull instant global techno revolution, followed buy a system that is already in place for global self government.

Utopia is possible.  Lets organize, unite and build it.

Armed with the truth, united we stand, connected and organized.

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Truth11 films presents short films that illustrate an idea.  The research and backing of all films are found in the archives of all articles on

___________________ Review Of Truth11 Films Techno Revolution + Self Government System

The Global Techno Revolution: Activist Post Featured in Film Outlining How to Defeat The New World Order

Activist Post

An excellent short film released by Truth11 Films features quotes from Activist Post articles.  We give our deepest thanks for their fine work in illustrating how each individual can contribute toward the peaceful revolution of information taking place.  It is a revolution that they call Techno Revolution + Self-Government.  The framework is as follows:

  • Our weapon is the truth
  • Our tools are technology
  • We are highly equipped to unite
  • We are highly connected to organize
  • We outnumber The NWO
  • The Internet is key: e-mail, blog, text

With the above framework, we can take action:

  • Use the tools of the NWO against them: Twitter, Facebook, blogs
  • Discuss tyranny
  • Organize protests
  • Conduct civil disobedience
  • Suggest and implement solutions
  • Unite for victory
Armed With The Truth: United We Stand For Self Government Over NWO Tyranny

This is a clear call for non-violent rebellion against a corrupt elite who have laid claim on our productivity, our ideas, and even on the very structure of who we are as human beings.  They are clearly attempting to set up a techno-dictatorship, so we must do our part to issue a boomerang effect upon those who would enslave us.  Please view this excellent video and distribute.