Alex Jones On The View | Rightfully Defending Charlie Sheen + Getting The Truth Heard By The Masses

Dylan Eleven |

Great job Alex for getting on the View to defend Charlie Sheen and get the point across that probably whats bringing him down is the mass killings of war and rising police state.  There has been no TV coverage of the fact that over a million Iraq men women and children  have been murdered by the US invasion and you got that out there + 9/11, Police state, fake economic crisis… the works.   You rock Alex!

The point Alex makes is very valid ladies of the view.  There is a hypocritical government that kill millions and a press that cover it up,  yet if Charlie Sheen decides to break a ten year sobriety and parties it up a little they attack him.  The plight of our country today is probably weighing on Charlie s mind more than anything else.  If you were actually interested in what is bothering Charlie you would have listened to the reasons.  Obviously you all know the truth about 9/11 and the new world order, because you cut Alex off pretty quickly.  If it was news to you, you would have said, sorry.. what is this?   Tell us more..  Instead you shut him down. or at least tried to.  Your actions show the astute that you know the truth.  The fact you are not screaming it from the rooftops makes you as guilty as Bush and Obama.

Great job Alex for getting the truth out there and making your point heard, despite four lying old ladies trying to silence the truth.

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