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The truth has been known and spoken about openly in every generation.  Yet people today forget the lessons of the past, the actual events and those who spoke about them. The masses today look at the truth movement and think of us as crazy, how can we think such obsured, obscure, unheard of things…the majority think, how could these things possibly happen. How could my government become tyrants and run a muck, thats unheard of,  un-thinkable and anyone who thinks such things are conspracy theorists or nut jobs.

They conveniently forget all the truth told in the past and quickly dissmiss any truth now to be conspiracy theory. Even though the truth has been proven time and time again, they think, this time it can’t be true. This is achieved by the use of propaganda and incrementalism spanning generations.

Straight from Orwell’s 1984. “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past”. Most forget the proof of scandals, truth about wars, the atrocities that have been done by the same people who are in power now.  And most ignore the atroccities that are being done right now; such as over a million men women and children have been killed by the US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Wake the fuck up people! Who the hell do you think you are ignoring this, dismissing this.  Anyone who doubts the truth that stares them in the face is living in denial at the cost of those being oppressed.

On there are 1800+ articles and counting of examples of the truth from past and the present. Here is one showing the truth was known in the thirties and seventies:

1930’s Howard Hughes | Hells Angels | Anti-War Speech

Watching the movie Hells Angels by Howard  Huges there is an Anti-War scene where one man spoke out and summed up war with the truth.  When talking about going to war, he states he feels wrong about this, someone yells “He is yellow and we all know it”… His response;

“Thats a lie,  I am not yellow.  I can see things as they are, thats all.  Im sick of this rotten business. Fools why do you let them kill you like this?. What are you fighting for?. Patriotism, duty, are you mad?  Cant you see they are just words, words coined by politicians and profiteers to trick you into fighting for them.  Whats a word compared with life, the only life you’ve got. I’ll give them a word; MURDER!  Thats what this dirty rotten politician war is.  Murder, you know it as well as i do.  Yellow am i, your the ones that are yellow, i’ve got guts to say what i think. Your afraid to say it, so afraid of being called yellow that you would rather be killed first. You fools, you poor stupid fools.”

Even though the story showed that he was ostrasised by the group and sent to his barracks, the writer and director placed a moment of truth in the movie to let the general public of the time and future generations know that they were aware of the truth at the time.   An important message that tells us, nothing has changed, the motives for war are the same. The people behind war are the same people.  The concept of war itself in its fakeness is the same.  The way we enter wars is the same, by false flag attack or by tyrannical conquest in the name of freedom.

here is the clip:


Fast Forward to the  1960/70’s Black Sabbath

Here is a band from the sixties and seventies. Stating the truth that was accepted at the time, yet speak to the same people from that generation and they now doubt the possibility of government tyranny.  The 80’s hit and most hippies sold out and accepted the establishment for a BMW and mirror lined with cocaine.

Song: War Pigs, Album: Paranoid

“Generals gathered in their masses, just like witches at black masses, evil minds that plot destruction, sourcer of deaths construction, in the fields the bodys burning, as the war machine keeps turning, death and hatred to mankind, poisinign thier brain washed minds…  oh lord yeah..

polititicans hide them selves away, they only started the war, why should they go out to fight… they leave all that to the poor.” |

Song: Hole in the sky, Album: Sabotage

“Ive watched the dogs of war enjoying their feast, ive watched the western world go down in the east, the mood of love became the greed of all time, and now we are living on the profits of crime.” |


People knew then, people know now.  People lived in denial then, as they do now. To doubt the truth is criminal.  This is nothing new.   But the truth is nothing new either.  We have been screaming it from the rooftops and yet generation after generation the masses still cant hear. Or wont hear. Atrocities continue because the masses ignore the problem and prefer to live in denial.

I have heard reports that some Jews in Germany were living in such denial that they were saying” oh this is not happening, they would not do that,” as their next door neighbours were being forced from their homes with them next.

Today however the tide is changing.  With help of the internet and the dedicated truth movement, more people know the truth today than ever before.  Lets keep spreading the truth and making the world aware. The truth will set us free.

Armed with the truth, united we stand.

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