Ben Fulford | High priests of Babylon display their confusion as their empire crumbles

by Ben Fulford

If any rational reader out there still believes the corporate propaganda media tells the truth, then read what the Tokyo correspondent for the Financial Times, Mure Dickie, had to say when explaining why the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan could not hold a press conference promoting “alternative views.” What he was referring to was a request by spokespersons for the Yakuza, the Triads, the head of the world’s Martial Arts Societies and the White Dragon society to speak to the media. “We do not think what they have to say is in line with our world view,” he said.

When offered proof these people were for real and represented a major historical force as well as a unique opportunity in the history of the club to provide world breaking news, Dickie resorted to saying it was not “mainstream.” He admitted, in so many words, that he and his corporate propaganda colleagues would not let objective facts get in the way of their world view.

The same sort of thing happened when I confronted a Mr. science guy “conspiracy theory” “debunker” with a comprehensive array of provable evidence about earthquake weapons. At the end the only thing he could say is “I don’t believe,” thus revealing himself for the religious fanatic he really is.

When you confront a high priest of the cult of Babylon now ruling much of the West at first they try to be factual and rational and condescending until you beat them at their own game of logic, facts and science and finally they retreat into blind faith.

I kind of feel sorry for them as their world collapses and they retreat into denial. They would rather be blind than admit the “war on terror,” was about stealing oil or that the “global warming campaign” was a pseudo scientific con-job. Now they are being fooled into believing that invading Libya in order to steal their oil was somehow about “protecting people.” Denial, my fallen former colleagues, is not a river in Africa.

Needless to say I have challenged them countless times to a rational debate and of course they refuse because they know they would lose. They also do not want to change their world view because it would endanger their golden rice bowls. It would be funny if it were not for the fact that the cult of Babylon was a genocidal force destroying the world.


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