Realize you are your own creator of your own master plan

By: R. Tinge

When people see and read shit it affects them and becomes part of the “vibration” of the collective consciousness which ultimately directs our lives as human beings, because our state of being is so dependent on our social structures and how we function in society.

The idea that consciousness determines our shared reality is not some airy fairy notion, it’s freakin common sense.  Consciousness determines human politics which affect us in every way. It’s not “The Secret”, like it’s some far-out new age notion, it’s a simple and basic observation you can make about humanity.  Our brains determine our destiny.  Duh!  The beliefs and ideas we hold create our societies, no shit Sherlock! 😉

I think it’s amazing how something so obvious was kept from humanity and we were bred to believe that our lives were outside of the control of our own collective consciousness.

I see this infection on humanity as very much a bunch of psychological viruses (what Richard Dawkins refers to as “memes”).  One thought virus imposed on us was that our destiny was determined by god and that we need to relinquish our power to it.  There are countless others memes as well, to affect the collective consciousness and fuck us over on the level of consciousness. This is primarily spiritual and psychological warfare, everything else stems from that.  They are masters at manipulating the collective consciousness. That is the core of their “religion” and they’ve evolved it over the years to the point that almost no one is able to see it for what it is.

“Realize you are your own creator of your own master plan.” – Dimmu Borgir

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