Jesse Ventura Bringing The Truth Movement To The Mass Media Propaganda Machine | TV | And His New Book 63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read

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Jesse Ventura is fighting for the truth movement in the mass media which is a huge audience gain for the truth movement.  Thanks to public figures such as Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura, the truth is breaking through the propaganda bubble.
Hopefully this will inspire the mass media puppets to actually report some fucking truth for a change.  The mass media plastic fake puppets that spew bullshit daily better wake up soon to realise.  The truth is know by the masses and our numbers are growing.  The fact you are not reporting is also known. Your credibility is shot, and the discust in your aiding and abetting such criminal behaivior is rampant accross the planet.
Let Jesse Ventura, and the rest of the truth movement in independent media be an example of actual integrity in journalism.
Jesse Ventura on The View

Jesse Ventura on GoodMorning America 4/4/11

by Greg Fernandez Jr.

Good Morning America Host George Stephanopoulos found it hard to believe that Jesse Ventura would say that the government had “advanced knowledge” of 9/11 but “didn’t work to stop it.”Why? Ventura plainly asked. Governor Ventura explained that he is a Vietnam Veteran who was lied to about the Gulf of Tonkin incident, “and that was the false flag operation that put us into the Vietnam War. Ventura has stated many times that during the Vietnam War, “58,000 of my generation were killed,” a fact that Stephanopoulos should know.

Ventura taught a well-received class at Harvard that dealt with conspiracies among other historical topics. It was during this time that former Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara, under President Lyndon Johnson, admitted that the Gulf of Tonkin incident “never happened.” Explaining that false flag operations happen all the time, Ventura explained all you have to do is lookat history. The term “false flag” is becoming a household name, partially due to the shock value and the animosity it stirs up. Yet why should people be so hostile towards the truth? A semi-smiling Stephanopoulos leaned in towards Ventura and calls it “very different” in saying that other false flag operations give credit to a false flag type of government inaction on 9/11. Again, Jesse brings up something we should have learned in high school…history. More so, his opinions hold weight because they are strengthen by a concept almost unheard of in the mainstream media…facts. The possibility that the government knew about 9/11 and did nothing (or perhaps orchestrated it at some level) “is no more shocking than our government going down to Nicaragua and infecting hundreds of people with syphilis to see if Penicillin worked.”

Just to clarify his position, Ventura recognized that there are great, dedicated, patriotic people in government, but that America today may look more like Nazi Germany. Stephanopulos’s smile fades away as he mentions a document in Ventura’s book, 63 Documents The Government Doesn’t Want You To Read, that “suggests” WTC Building 7 fell faster than it could of fallen down by presumed “natural” causes.

“It doesn’t suggest it,” Ventura clarifies, “it says it. NIST’s report says it fell at free-fall…that means you gotta defy the laws of physics. That means everything was removed, in which for anything to fall at free-fall speed.”

Again, Stephanopoulos asked Ventura why he makes “that leap then to the idea that it was demolished by explosives inside by the government. That’s a big leap.”

Ventura immediately responded that he didn’t make a leap. “Why didn’t they check for explosives? They never did; if not to eliminate them. They didn’t do that.”

As Stephanopoulos keeps two fingers glued to his temple, Ventura lays out more facts that the host will not reply to, “There are documents here so disturbing, like the CIA’s assassination manual. Excuse me, assassination is just a nice word for first-degree murder. And we have a manual that tells how to do it and everything about it? As far as I know George, first-degree murder is illegal in every country of the world.”

A stuttering Stephanopoulos asked if assassination could every be justified. “Aren’t there some cases where it would be justified – a tyrant who’s killing hundreds of thousands of people, wouldn’t that-”

“Who makes the call?” Ventura asks. More facts are thrown Stephanopoulos’ way when asked why Bin Laden was never indicted for 9/11. “I’ll say this too, if we go back to Bin Laden, why haven’t we indicted him? That gives us reason to go get him.” The host remained stiff and silent, his facial expressions were rarely shown in this interview. “The government has never come forward,” Ventura continued, “convened a grand jury, presented one shred of evidence that he did it officially, and get an indictment.” The host asks if Ventura thinks Osama was behind 9/11.

“I don’t know, but my government’s lied to me so often, they’ve lost their credibility with me.”

Jesse Ventura was featured on the Young and the Restless at one point, were hew as asked why he didn’t run for president. He responded in the script, “There’s always 2004.” George Stephanopoulos asked Ventura about a presidential run for 2012.

“If Ron Paul runs as independent, I would give great consideration to being his running-mate. As you see I dedicated this book to Ron Paul.”

In order for Ventura to “give great consideration” to a presidential, or vice-presidential run, Paul would have to leave the Republican Party; something that does not seem likely since Paul has done remarkably well in the 14th congressional district of Texas, running as a Republican. However, like with any party, the labels of conservative and liberal only have meaning if a candidate bears good fruits in the political spectrum. Paul has done this, in my opinion, with morals equivalent to a somewhat conservative and liberal hybrid; this is a gross simplification of course on my part.

Regardless of how one feels about Governor Ventura’s political views, shouldn’t they respect his bravery for standing up against a tyrannical government? Shouldn’t we all embrace in the victory that was struck when Ventura was able to bring up Building 7 to a national audience that could include many people who have never of World Trade Center Building 7. This is another victory for the entire 9/11 truth movement! I hope you will support our fellow truth teller, Jesse Ventura and move his book to the best-sellers list world-wide, and gain more national exposure for the lies of the official story of 9/11. This is a victory we all should celebrate. The former governor added that as far as the two-party system goes, “They are the problem, not the solution.”


63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read by Jesse Ventura with Dick Russell.

Paul/Ventura 2012? Former Governor offers himself up as vice president nominee

Ventura Urges Ron Paul To Run For President As Independent 250111top2

Steve Watson
April 4, 2011

Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura has an important message for Libertarian Congressman Ron Paul – ditch the Republican Party and run for President as an independent.

On the day that Obama officially announced his 2012 Presidential campaign underway, the spotlight will now turn on those who are expected to set the wheels in motion to run against the president.

One name mentioned over and over again for the past few months has been Republican Congressman Ron Paul. However, Ventura, who was victorious as an Independent himself in 1998, believes that Paul can mount a more powerful challenge by distancing himself from the GOP establishment.

And Ventura even offered to throw his own name into the hat as a possible running mate.

“If Ron Paul would quit the Republican Party, and he asked me, then I would give serious consideration to running with him.” Ventura told syndicated radio host Alex Jones today.

“I will not run as a Democrat or Republican. I want nothing to do with these parties. They are the problem, they are not the solution.” the former Governor added.

“They’re the ones that have been in control of this country, as Ralph Nadar calls them, the two party dictatorship. They are the ones that have us in this mess. They are the ones who have caused all the debt problems… it’s time to throw them out. The people of this country can do a major thing and its so easy. The next election, don’t vote for ANY Republicans or Democrats. That would be the greatest thing that could happen in this country, to bring down and destroy these two political parties.” Ventura urged.

Congressman Paul has recently been victorious in several Republican straw polls of potential presidential nominees, and he has raised a staggering $3 millionalready this first quarter via his various grass roots organizations. That is more than any other potential Republican nominee thus far.

Ventura believes Paul should fully capitalize on his political popularity and make the break from the GOP.

“He won’t get the Republican Party nomination, he has to understand that.” Ventura said.

“The Republicans are not going to put Ron Paul up as their Presidential nominee. He is too much of a rogue, he is not bought and sold by multinational corporations. Plus the biggest thing of all, he calls for an audit of the Federal Reserve.” he added.

Though many Paul supporters would agree with Ventura, others will point to a shift in GOP attitude toward a more Libertarian outlook in over the past year as one reason for Paul to stick with the party and continue to use the apparatus to reach more people.

Paul previously ran on a Libertarian Party ticket in 1988, but struggled to make inroads against the establishment parties.

During his 2008 campaign for the Republican nomination, the corporate media and mainline conservatives attacked the Congressman over his outspoken opposition to big government and US interventionist foreign policy.

Senator Rand Paul, the Congressman’s son believes that it will be different this time around, however.

“I don’t think there would be any chance they’d exclude my dad now,” said the U.S. senator from Kentucky. “I think everyone in politics, whether it’s explicit or not, has their own agenda and if they can exclude you, they will. I don’t think that will happen again.”

Ventura is currently promoting his new book, 63 documents The Government Doesn’t Want You To Read. The former Governor explained that he had dedicated the book to Congressman Paul as a thank you for his tireless efforts to bring more transparency to Washington.

“He was the only Congressman we have that had the courage to go out on the floor of the Congress and support Wikileaks,” Ventura noted, alluding to the whistle blowing website.

“Like Ron Paul said, no one has died from Wikileaks. How many people have died from the trumped up intelligence and the lying that got us into the Iraq war. And then he said something even more profound. He talked about in a free country like ours, when the truth equals treason we are in big trouble.”

While Ron Paul has yet to announce whether he will mount another presidential run, he may want to take Ventura up on his offer before the former pro-wrestler turned political powerhouse looks toward an even more ambitious role.

“I never said who would be President and who would be Vice President.” Ventura quipped.

“Ron and I may have to flip a coin.”


Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’, and He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.