Where are the guillotines in Washington?

The Excavator

June 13, 2011

Where are the guillotines in Washington? 

The Obama administration is following the Bush and Clinton administrations by advancing the destruction of America’s legal and political system, spreading the criminal war on terror, and helping private banksters rob the American people. At the same time, the political elite in Washington are accelerating the development of a new global political system based not on the U.S. constitution and Bill of Rights but on authoritarian conceptions of society and politics.

The war in Libya is an illustration of the monstrous mentality of the new UN world empire that is controlled by corporate and financial interests. It is being called a righteous war to present the illusion to the Western public that the war is about humanitarianism. But it is about power, geopolitics, and oil.

The handling of the war by President Obama confirms the suspicion held by many that America’s constitutional system is under attack by the executive branch and that leaders in the highest levels of the U.S. government are guilty of treason and war crimes, including President Barack Obama and former Presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and George H. W. Bush.

I see this picture and I ask: Where are the guillotines? These traitors have brought shame upon America and destroyed its founding principles. Obama, the Bushes, and Clinton are private thieves and criminals who masquerade as public leaders and defenders of the American people. They did not enter government to serve the public and to do good but to bring tyranny and implement an evil agenda.

In Eckermann’s ‘Conversations with Goethe,’ Goethe said: “In the life of a public servant who must deal with people, are not love and well-wishing indispensable ingredients too?–But how is someone to wish others well and act accordingly when he senses no well-being within himself?”

It is obvious after one look at Bush, Clinton, and Obama that these men are not sane and normal. Would a loving and healthy individual lie to billions of people about the murder of innocent people and the reasons for America’s wars in the Middle East? Only conscienceless and heartless individuals are mentally able to serve the cold-blooded interests of power.

Somebody like Obama is probably a wounded and sick individual, but George Bush comes from a family of thieves and traitors so he is simply following the family tradition.

Hopefully there are psychological experts who are studying the behavior of political leaders like Obama, Clinton, and Bush in order to better understand the crisis we are all in because we can’t function as a global human society if America’s highest political leaders are bloodthirsty and power-craving madmen.

How can there be peace, order, and security in this world if the top superpower is led by barbaric, violent, and cunning sociopaths who are slaves of higher evil powers?

Northrop Frye, the Canadian literary critic, said that if mankind’s conception of power is based on Mao’s “power comes out of the barrel of a gun,” then “the human race is not going to survive the twenty-first century.”

A radical shift in political and cultural consciousness towards new conceptions of power and the role of government in society needs to take place. Collectivism and authoritarianism are not wise political solutions to global problems.

Our current political leaders and the power elite are afraid of the power represented by informed citizens who know 9/11 was an inside job and want to change the governing structure which is identified with state terrorism, state propaganda, and state repression. The old way of doing business is bankrupt.

The traitorous usurpers in Washington reveal themselves to be savages and barbarians by sacrificing innocent people to start wars and make illegal profits. Obama, Bush, Clinton, and other traitors in Washington hate America and freedom. The corrupt elite they speak for pose the highest threat to America, the global public order, and the security of human civilization.


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