Was the Virginia Earthquake Induced by HAARP

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The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Project (HAARP) might be the most important thing on Earth to not only barely penetrate the fringes of public understanding, but of public concern.

Please, in no way feel remiss or alone if you have never even heard of HAARP. When the military industrial complex spends this much of your money to menace you and everybody else—even all life on Earth, they tend to hide it. Black-budgets, DARPA and all that stuff. And they spare little expense (your money, again, of course) trying to keep you from having a clue.

Perhaps the most important aspect of HAARP is not whether it is already being used as a sinister weapon, but, rather, at the new astronomical power levels in the gigawatts exactly what is HAARP capable of? What can HAARP really do?

Is it possible that in using HAARP to try to steer hurricane Irene away from the eastern seaboard and minimize the potential for widespread catastrophic damage from what meteorologists say could come ashore as a monster category 4 hurricane—is it possible that the Virginia earthquake was accidentally induced? Extensive information available to the public implies the answer is yes.

Don’t look for any accurate information about HAARP to come from corporate media. If there is even a peep in CorpoMedia about HAARP it will surely focus on it being a benign research project.

At least currently, the Internet offers substantial truth regarding HAARP technologies and applications—but as awareness spreads, censorship, and pollution with bizarre red herrings will prevail, as usual.

Please consider visiting some of the tiny sample of websites listed below as an introduction to HAARP. And for an excellent presentation of the evolution of hurricane Irene, including whether or not it seems to be having its trajectory influenced artificially, you might want to visit Weather Underground.

As far as the Virginia earthquake being a product of HAARP, please learn more about this technology, and decide for yourself. There is great possibility that HAARP has already affected all of our lives in ways that seem incredible.






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