Near-Earth Threats, NASA and Elenin – a Civilized Analysis


Recently, there has been quite a bit of talk about a comet or celestial body named Elenin (or C/2010x) that has entered our solar system and will be making a close pass of the Earth soon.  At first, I assumed it was simply the talk of fanciful amateur astronomers and that, at most, it might offer an interesting night-sight for Earth’s inhabitants, much like Haley’s Comet and many others.

But as I continued hearing more and more about this “Elenin object,” I started to realize this was no mere comet.  And perhaps, just maybe, it could have something to do with the famed Planet-X first reported about back in 1983 by the Washington Post.  Unfortunately, it seemed as though most of what I could find was wild speculation and fanatical rantings about the end of the world.  I had discovered only a handful of articles that offered any sort of rational information.  It seemed as though the only thing everyone could agree on is the fact that an object is approaching planet Earth but there are dozens of different theories regarding trajectories, size and just how close it will come.  With government known for spreading disinformation, I felt as though even the authoritative sources couldn’t be completely trusted to give an accurate picture of events to come.

I try and avoid jumping to conclusions and approach topics in what I consider to be a sane, yet open-minded manner.  But, since I also enjoy a good conspiracy theory, I wanted to continue down this rabbit hole and see if there was any corroborating evidence or suggestions as to what sort of threat Elenin poses to our way of life.

What I found has made me even more curious and I would like your opinion on the matter.  Let’s take a look at some of the “coincidences” and events as of late in regards to a potential major Earth event of some sort:

A letter from the Executive Office of the President, dated October 15th, 2010, and signed by Director John P. Holdren, addressed to the Chairman and Ranking Member of the House Committee on Science and Technology stated, in part:


The letter relates to Section 804 of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Authorization Act of 2008, which directs the Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy to “(1) develop a policy for notifying Federal agencies and relevant emergency response institutions of an impending near-Earth object threat, if near-term public safety is at risk; and (2) recommend a Federal agency or agencies to be responsible for –

(A) protecting the United States from a near-Earth object that is expected to collide with Earth; and

(B) implementing a deflection campaign, in consultation with international bodies, should one be necessary.”

What I would like to focus on is the wording of this section.  Legal statutes, policy papers and scientific explanations are carefully worded, leaving no room for misunderstandings, misconceptions or other confusion.  It is direct and to the point.  If ABC happens, XYZ responds.

In this letter, it states that the Director (of Science and Technology Policy) is responsible for developing a policy for notifying the [appropriate response groups] of an impending near-Earth object threat, IF near-term public safety is at risk … AND … [recommend what agencies should be in charge of protecting us].

For those of you that are still not quite on board with what I’m saying, I’ll break it down a bit further;  The Director has two functions in this scenario and ONLY two functions.  He is to develop a policy for response for near-Earth threats, comma, IF near-term public safety is at risk.  The only other directive stated is for him to recommend who will respond and in what capacity.  The letter, linked above and addressed to the House Committee, serves as his act of developing a policy and in it, recommends what Federal agencies should respond, how notification will be conducted, etc.

Therefore, if he has fulfilled the requirements set forth by Section 804 of the above-mentioned Act, that means that “near-term public safety is at risk” from a near-Earth object threat.

The Theories

NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory has calculated Comet Elenin on an elliptical, close-pass to planet Earth as calculated here, at NASA’s own site:

Some – namely internet commenters – have said it could potentially be an ELE – Extinction Level Event.  Others even claim that Elenin stands for just that, in a variety of interchangable acronyms: Extinction Level Event Notable Impact November or Ele‘ven Nin‘e, referencing November 9th.  I have found no shortage of variations.

NASA certainly has its eye on the object.  The space agency recently dedicated its Stereo-B Spacecraft to a significant roll southward for 2 hours each day in order to observe and document the approach of Elenin.

Researchers, such as Zecharia Sitchin, have associated it with the famed Planet Nibiru that the ancient Sumerians, Babylonians and Mesopotamians spoke of, with a 3,600 year elliptical orbit.  However, other scholars and ancient text researchers offer evidence that these ancient cultures never claimed that Nibiru was an inbound planet.  Instead, they offer translations of cuniform tablets that merely identify Nibiru as a star, a god (Marduk), the Planet Jupiter and even Venus.

What most ancient language researchers do agree on, however, is that Nibiru is often translated or used to describe, “the crossing point” or similar.  Are we experiencing a crossing point in Earthly events?  According to many of the 2012 / Mayan theorists, our solar system will be lining up with the center of our galaxy and crossing a massive barrier, known as the Great Rift or Dark Rift.

In a forthcoming book by JT Grenough, he writes about Elenin, Planet X and Dr. Robert S. Harrington, the Chief Astronomer of the US Naval Observatory.  He contends that Dr. Harrington died of a very sudden cancer before he could publicize the fact that Planet X is approaching our own planet and would wreak tremendous devastation upon our solar system.

He goes on to explain that Dr. Harrington had to travel to New Zealand in order to observe this object due to its extreme southern approach and that NASA had photographed the object in 1983 with its IRAS telescope.  Soon after, NASA reported that the IRAS satellite suffered a mechanical failure but many doubt that, believing it was merely a cover story in order to devote the satellite’s remaining fuel to study the inbound object.

The decision was then made to spend billions of dollars constructing a massive telescope at the South Pole (SPT) that is better than the IRAS and Hubble put together.  Author JT Grenough surmises that a similar telescope could have been placed anywhere else in the entire world for far less money and logistical planning.  The South Pole is not an easy place to build anything.  However, it provides the most southern view with complete and total secrecy.

And while speaking of celestial bodies, one can not ignore the religious theories that abound.  One in particular relates to Revelations 8:10-12, which speaks of the “third angel” sounding his trumpet and a “great star” (Wormwood) falling upon the Earth, turning the waters bitter and toxic and eventually changing the length of nights and day (some might contend this is a possible pole shift description).

Other religious texts mention the seven years of tribulation – the same amount of time that author JT Grenough calculates it would take Nibiru to enter our solar system, orbit around the sun and then exit our region, leaving a wake of electromagnetic destruction in its path, tilting Saturn on its side and nearly slamming into Jupiter.

Notable Events and Statements

February, 2011 – NASA shuts down their WISE satellite – a far better infrared telescope than IRAS was and responsible for discovering a large number of Near-Earth Objects (NEOs).

March 30, 2011 – NASA shut down its Buzz Internet Forum almost immediately after someone posted a recalculated trajectory for Elenin at only 0.0004 AU (that’s less than 40,000 miles from Earth) as opposed to the official claim of 20 million miles or more.

April, 2011 – SETI shuts down their Allen Telescope Array, placed into “hibernation.” (The SETI Institute was founded in 1984, the year following the supposed discovery of Planet X and operates one of the only arrays of this kind.)

July 21, 2011 – NASA shuts down its aging space shuttle mission and retires the fleet.

August 1, 2011 – NASA openly admits that they will be turning the Stereo-B Satellite on a 135 degree roll downwards in order to observe the approaching comet Elenin.

Late August, 2011 – Trips to the International Space Station are put on hold as a Russian rocket fails.  Russia is now the only country that has the technology to ferry astronauts to the Space Station and all lift-offs are on hold.

September 1, 2011 – NASA publicly considers abandoning the International Space Station and mainstream media stories of space debris begin circulating, along with science “advisors” speaking about the effects and potential outcome of an unmanned space station and various other space-related headlines surrounding the Space Station.


Russian scientists have stated that they have discovered perturbations in Elenin’s orbit.  Some have suggested this might mean it is orbiting another body, itself.  Author Grenough suspects that Elenin is orbiting around Planet X / Nibiru, along with her 7 other moons.

And lastly, the Chinese Director of Astronomical Research, Sergio Toscano, claims that there is an unidentified object behind Elenin, something he called a “cluster” and “space body.”  This was corroborated by the Director of NASA’s Astrobiology program, Rosie Redfiel.  Once projections and recalculations of Elenin’s orbit were made, they immediately removed the website which provided the information.

Other articles swirling around the internet state that the Russian Minister Serdyukov has  suggested that Comet Elenin is under “intelligent control,” although I could not find any original source for this claim other than alarmists connecting this undocumented statement to the recent Russian announcement of a fast-tracked building of 5,000 new bunkers in Moscow.

Regardless of what you believe this comet may or may not represent, I welcome your opinion on the aforementioned letter from the White House’s Director of Science and Technology regarding a near-Earth threat.

Comet Elenin might very well calmly and safely sail past the Earth and that will be the end of all this talk.  But perhaps, if the theories are correct and a large object is trailing behind it, once we enter the massive electromagnetic grip of this mysterious celestial body, Earth changes will rapidly and violently increase, the likes with which we can hardly fathom.

I suppose we’ll just have to keep an eye towards the heavens and soon find out!


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