The Banks From Hell Are Bankrupting Western Civilization

Saman Mohammadi

The Excavator
September 14, 2011

As we head into the fall of 2011, the economic and political collapse of every nation in the West is happening exactly according to plan. The fate of the West is being determined in the shadows of history by the banks from hell that run America and the European Union.

Once the truth about the global economic crisis is fully grasped by the masses of the nations there will be not just riots in the streets and burned down stores but political catastrophes, revolutions, public hangings of political leaders, and unbearable suffering.

The truth is that countries in Europe and elsewhere are not being bailed out, they are being enslaved through debt by an international class of banking thieves and government protected bandits who control the IMF, the World Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank, and other privately run banks.

They created the global economic crisis on purpose to create global chaos and a global political opening to drive through their global steamroller called world government.

The bankers from hell are working on a big political project, which is to use modern technology and scientific expertise to create a new Babylon on a global scale upon the ruins of Western civilization and America.

When the final blow against the nation state and Western freedom is delivered by the criminal bankers and multinational corporations, mass graves will be dug and detention camps for political prisoners will be used.

Nations that resist the authoritarian new world order in any form are being vilified in the international press. Iran is called the new Nazi Germany for resisting the new world order’s hegemonic goals in the Middle East.

And, lately, Germany is being referred to as the Fourth Reich because its people are exercising their democratic rights and refusing to give any more of their money to the totalitarian EU and corrupt international banks.

Irish/Australian journalist Jane Burgermeister says the people of Germany are revolting against the European Union because they don’t want they to be pillaged and burned by the banks like Greece and other European nations. Burgermeister wrote on September 6 in her article,”Endgame For Euro: German Lawmakers Revolt As Public Opinion Hardens Against More Bank Bailouts”:

German public opinion and many of the country’s elite, including bodies representing manufacturing companies, are opposed to further bailouts for banks on the grounds that they place gigantic bank debts on to the taxpayer, ruining the public finances and wrecking the real economy.

A new poll shows that 90% of people now oppose plans oppose the new fund because the eurozone bailouts do not help solve the debt problem. 85% said that banks should be forced to take a hit if a country becomes insolvent.

It is great to see that Germany is taking charge of its own fate. All nations must do likewise because the totalitarian dream for a dictatorial new world order that is at the heart of the global agenda of the banks will be humanity’s worst nightmare.

The American poet Ezra Pound divided banks into two classes: the banks from hell that practice usury and create nightmares for nations, and the banks from paradise that don’t practice usury but instead lend money so business can function normally and great art can be created. Pound said:

“Two kinds of banks have existed: THE MONTE DEI PASCHI and the devils.

Banks built for beneficence, for reconstruction; and banks created to prey on the people.” (Pound: Selected Prose; Pg. 270).

The Monte dei Paschi di Siena, the world’s longest surviving bank, was created in 1472 by the Magistrates of the Republic of Siena and it disallowed the practice of usury. It is now commonly understood in the age of the Second Western Enlightenment that usury is a tax on the people, government and business which is collected by rotten private bankers who control private central banks and create money out of nothing.

Pound said that the monopoly of credit was the base of all other monopolist operations that sink nations and deprive people of wealth, writing:

“The various monopolies which culminate in the monopoly of money itself, key to all the other monopolies were, and are, monopolies of exploiters.” (Pound: Selected Prose; Pg. 176).

What the treacherous bankers in London and New York are after is not money, but the political monopoly over history and humanity. Their great passion is power, and their greatest instrument of warfare is debt.

When bombs fall on nations the people can hear and see they are at war and demand revenge against the perpetrators of the violence. But when debt is used against a nation, the bought off politicians are silent and it takes generations before the people wake from their sleep.America was conquered by this soundless weapon called debt after the sneaky enemy seized America’s financial sovereignty in 1913. The bankers overthrew the constitutional banking system that the Founding Fathers established after the victory over the British Empire and replaced it with the ultimate bank from hell, the private Federal Reserve bank.

Pound said the banks from hell are leeches and predators that treat human beings as bodies of blood to be used up and sucked off. He wrote:

“The hell banks have, from as far as the record takes us, started as gangs of creditors, associated to strangle the last ounce of profit out of their debtors.” (Pound: Selected Prose; Pg. 270).

Other poets also cast usurious bankers in the same dark light and compare the banker to the devil. German poet Goethe distrusted the use of paper money. In his book, Scientific Studies, he said:

“But there are different sorts of money: gold, silver, and copper coins, or paper money. The coins are real to a degree; the paper money is only convention.” (Goethe: Scientific Studies. Suhrkamp Publishers. 1988. New York. Edited and Translated by Douglas Miller. Pg. 26).

Douglas Miller, the editor and English translator of Goethe’s Scientific Studies, wrote:

“Goethe’s negative views on paper money are reflected in Part II of Faust where Mephistopheles persuades the Emperor to introduce paper money based on the value of an undiscovered buried treasure. This plan later proves ruinous for the empire.” (Pg. 322).

Goethe made Mephistopheles, who is the devil character in his play Faust, the salesman of paper money. The point being made is that making money out of thin air, backing it with nothing, and lending it to people at interest is evil.

The devils of the Western banking system persuaded the Faust of America, President Woodrow Wilson, to pass the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 and sign away the destiny of his country.

Since 1913, America has been under the spell of evil and driven into darkness. The era from 1913 to today should be remembered as the Age of Hell, which included two unnecessary world wars, unnecessary economic depressions, and unnecessary mass suffering.

But this long era of darkness and collective ignorance is ending. America is awake after being put to sleep for a century. The lies and deceit that serve as the foundations of the Federal Reserve System are crumbling to dust.

Alan Greenspan, Ben Bernanke, and Satan’s other minions have lost their magic hold over the American psyche and the global banking system. Their evil economic policies that are designed to benefit the connected few at the cost of the ignorant many can no longer be camouflaged as good.

Alex Jones gave an important message on his radio show on September 13, 2011, saying:

We can defeat this evil. And we’re going to defeat it by reaching out to the enforcers, the bureaucrats, the technicians of the system. And really asking them, ‘Do you like the way things are going? Do you think a culture of lies is sustainable? Is this what you want for your children?’

At this period in history, the message of economic freedom and political sanity hits home with every individual, every family and every nation.

As more and more people realize that our societies are enslaved by the weapon of debt and by economic crises that are not of our own making, but of evil bankers, the calls for revolution against the current banking system will grow.

If the evil Federal Reserve Bank and the entire banking system that is based on usury and false debt is not destroyed like African slavery in America then mankind won’t be able to feed the hungry and house the homeless.

We must replace the banks from hell that have given the world poverty and destruction with the banks from paradise to give the world prosperity and freedom.

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