If The Establishment Media Will Defend The Bogus Iranian-Mexican Terror Hoax, What Won’t They Defend?

Saman Mohammadi

The Excavator
October 18, 2011

Establishment journalists in America and the West are a modern version of a priest class. The White House is their Vatican and the President is their Pope. Barack Obama is the current chosen speaker whose words are infallible and who cannot tell a lie according to this totalitarian priest class. They are not journalists, they are state officials.

One of the reasons why the Obama White House is standing so forcefully behind the ridiculous lie that the Iranian government plotted to kill American allies on American soil is because they want to test the subservience of the U.S. and Western media to the authority of the U.S. government.

This is only speculation, but maybe White House officials want to see if the U.S. government is still considered the unquestioned God of the Earth, and if what it is selling is still good. The more bogus the lie the better because if the establishment media will defend something this bogus then that means they are trapped in an evil system that they can’t get out of without destroying themselves in the process.

In this context, U.S. government propaganda is aimed at the international press and the global public even more so than it is aimed against manufactured enemies like Iran, Iraq and Al-Qaeda.

The official Western media is ordered to submissively go along with whatever the White House says, no matter how ridiculous the propaganda is and or how catastrophic its consequences will be for America, the Middle East and the world.

If President Obama says the sky is black and the grass is pink with the full authority of the U.S. government then the totalitarian media has no choice but to go along and repeat the absurd claims or else it will risk bringing the entire house of cards down upon itself.

Journalists will never do something that damages their own interests and reputation. Many of them don’t have the courage to say, “Sorry, I was wrong.”

Voltaire said: “It is dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.” Saying you’re opinions are wrong today takes bravery and courage because the people in power, who have all the drones, bombs, guns and tanks, insist on you not admitting that you were wrong for believing their lies.

That’s one fear that people face: the fear of getting killed by the government. The other fear is the fear of social stigma. Few individuals want to speak the truth because they don’t want to appear as a kook or a crazy person. God forbid if all Americans begin thinking and speaking like Alex Jones. Imagine what will happen. America might be saved and the wars in the Middle East might come to an end.

A lot of people are frightened by this reality because then they’ll have to start viewing people like Alex Jones as heroes and not as conspiracy theorists. This is too great a shift in perception and thinking for a lot of people to make, both on the right and the left, but especially on the left because liberals are more condescending and smug than conservatives. They don’t want to live in a world where conspiracy theorists are heroes and U.S./Israeli government officials are evil war criminals.

Questioning the White House on the subjects of Iran, the 9/11 attacks, Israeli-U.S. relations, international terrorism and the War on Terror is a revolutionary act. Even questioning the claim that Iran used a Mexican drug cartel to kill a Saudi Arabian ambassador is revolutionary because it undermines the whole credibility and legitimacy of not only Washington, but Israel, Saudi Arabia, and other nations.

Since establishment journalists are in the slimy business of maintaining a rotten establishment and not creating positive change on the planet, we can’t look to it to report the truth about 9/11 or the reality of the war on terror.

Establishment journalists and reporters know that the 9/11 facts can’t be discussed in the corporate-state media because the legitimacy of America’s war on terror and the post-9/11 Global Security Regime is built on 9/11 being committed by Islamic terrorists. A popular revolution will spawn overnight in America and throughout the world if the truth about 9/11 is highlighted by the media even for a day.

This begs the question: If the establishment will defend the Obama administration’s baseless fabrication that Iran wanted to kill Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to the U.S. in Washington, then what lie and crime will it not defend?

Will the treasonous and criminal media defend the mass murder of millions of Iranians in the name of protecting Israel from imaginary threats? I think so. They have already defended the murder of a million Iraqis, and hundreds of thousands of Afghans. And they are extremely good at defending the mass murder of Palestinians by Israel.

In the eyes of the Zionists, the U.S. imperialists, and the criminal journalists who spread their version of history to the world, Iranians, Americans, Afghans, Iraqis, Syrians, Lebanese, and Palestinians all deserve to die because they won’t bend to the will of Zionism and the hijacked American Empire.

The people who control the press in the West want Israel and the hijacked American empire to dominate the Middle East through war, and even genocide. These creatures are psychopaths. There is no way of getting around that fact. They do not consider themselves as part of humanity, so the death of millions of human beings is an enjoyable sight for them.

For a decade, the treasonous establishment media defended the murder of three thousand American citizens on 9/11 by the shadow governments in Israel, Saudi Arabia and America. Will they defend the murder of more innocent Americans in another Israeli-Saudi-American terrorist attack on American soil? Sure. Why not? If they can do it once, they can do it again.

The traitors in the press and shadow governments will kill innocent people and defend mass murder again and again and again, until the whole world is in their hands and the voices of freedom are turned to sand.

Where does that leave the rest of us? Where does that leave you and me? For me, the choice is simple. Resist or die. Speak up or crumble like a coward. Question the official 9/11 story or be ruined by the lie. Bring down Zionism, the criminal Federal Reserve cartel, the military-industrial complex, the banksters, the traitors in Washington, and the treasonous establishment media—-Or, these demonic forces will bring us all down.

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