Wilcock – mass arrests have begun and what’s next | 21 media-related arrests in UK

R. Tinge

David Wilcock, self-described insider, had this to say recently about what’s going on and what’s going to happen.  I hope it’s true.   Past events, which they said were going to happen and then did, including the arrests in Italy last week, suggest quite clearly it seems that these guys do have accurate inside information.  Of course that doesn’t imply that what they are currently saying is going to happen, but it does give them some credibility at least, seeing as Fulford and Wilcock were the only guys on earth releasing this information before it happened.  Is all this too good to be true?  We’ll see I suppose…

Interesting how there have been some arrests in the corporate media as well… at a Rupert Murdoch owned newspaper in the UK, an illegal spying scandal.
Oh things have actually gotten much worse for Fox Network owner Rupert Murdoch and his buddies, 21 arrests so far, some pretty high-profile.  This is certainly sending a strong message to others corporate media giants.

“Police said a total of 21 people have now been arrested in their bribery probe – including three police officers – though none has yet been charged. They include Rebekah Brooks, former chief executive of Murdoch’s News International; ex-News of the World editor Andy Coulson – who is also Prime Minister David Cameron’s former communications chief; and journalists from both the News of the World and The Sun.”
So so far we have:
1. high-level arrests of politicians and corporate leaders & bankers in Italy, including the former prime minister of Italy, for counterfeiting bonds worth 6 trillion
2. arrests of media mongols in the UK, working for Fox news giant Murdoch, for phone hacking and bribery
3. Lord James reading into public record in the UK that a 15 trillion counterfeiting & money laundering scheme was done by the US Federal Reserve, the US Treasury, the IMF, and 20 European banks.
I’ve read some other stuff recently about how the majority of the people involved in this NWO bullshit don’t want to be, they are just going along with it because they were born into the cult and if they don’t follow orders they’ll be killed.  So when it starts falling apart then many of them are going to bail, once it becomes clear that they will be safe when they exit.  Most are only in it out of fear of their lives, and those at the highest levels were extremely severely physically, sexually, and psychologically abused and tortured  (for brainwashing and obedience purposes) throughout their childhood and adolescence in order to prepare them for the Illuminist duties in the real world.  Don’t know if that’s true or not, just something I read which supposed came from a survivor of the cult.   Regarding being killed if you try to leave, that certainly makes sense and follows what I understand about how cults/gangs operate.  Even biker and mafia gangs have those rules.. you can’t quit the group and you can’t disobey orders or they’ll kill you.
Also, I read a while back that they reason the good guys have decided to take down the Illuminati by starting in the Europe is because Europe is less dangerous for them, physically, to be doing this stuff.  Also because the UK media isn’t as tightly controlled at the US media and they want the news of these arrests to be made as public as possible so that the people of the world will understand and accept it when they start going after corporate leaders, bankers, and politicians in the US as well.  Apparently, the good guys in Pentagon and the US military want the full support of the people of the US when they start arresting the leaders and basically take over the gov’t.  Waking people up a little more by first arresting criminals in Europe will help achieve that, they think, by preparing Americans for what’s coming and why.  Interesting times.

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