Bankers sued by Massachusetts State Attorney General


Financial criminals at multiple institutions are getting sued for the illegal shenanigans they were undertaking which lead to the foreclosure crisis, ie. “predatory lending and other misconduct”, and then illegally rushing through foreclosures through the use of false documentation.  Ouch.  Among those named in the lawsuit are Bank of America, Wells Fargo, City Bank, and J.P. Morgan & Chase (of course).
This lawsuit is actually far from unique, just another in a series that have been going for a while now, even one filed in here recently against the Bank of Canada, alleging that our own central bank is actually under the control of the international banking corporations and is operating in direct violation of its charter in several ways.  Pretty serious stuff.
As I’ve come to understand, it really is all about finance.  It’s through financial crime that the other high-level crimes against humanity, being perpetrated by Western gov’ts and their national allies, is carried out.  No one commits these sorts of crimes without a huge financial incentive.  So these lawsuits against the criminal bankers that keep getting filed are really striking right at the root of it all.   If you want to stop war, and stop all the terrorism masquerading as preemptive “defence”, you just cut off their source of funding – problem solved.

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