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Truth11 Films latest release documents the reasons the 99% have risen. We the 99% are rising up to say we are awake and aware of the truth. We are also aware of the power of unity, armed with the truth.

This film provides a list of issues that drive the 99% to form and to revolt. It outlines the subjects that need to be discussed, the areas of corruption and areas of government tyranny. Each subject in the film is a category on Truth11.com and you can research each item in detail on our site. Many ask why the 99% are rising up. Here is a list of reasons why. This film is a big picture view of the vast scope of the corruption and deception carried out by our own governments.
Armed with the truth, United We Stand, For Peace, Freedom, Health and happiness for all.

Dylan Eleven
Truth11 Films

If the film is not viewable above view here.

Or watch on Vimeo here

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