The Suppression of Scientific And Artistic Genius In The 20th Century By The US Government

Saman Mohammadi
July 18, 2012

It is instructive to think of the last hundred years as a mad and crazy dream from which we are now waking up from. Absolutely nothing about the official history of the 20th century is true. Every single textbook that has been written about the 20th century is propaganda. Alternative histories need to be written. We must re-learn how the century was shaped and why it was shaped, review the true origins of the two world wars and get rid of the myths, and come to a greater understanding about the motives behind political assassinations that shifted the destinies of nations and peoples.

One of the most extraordinary facts of the last century is the U.S. government’s record of cultural, scientific, political, and artistic suppression. The U.S. government has silently waged an unrelentingwar on human consciousness, human knowledge, and human development. The talents, potentialities, and aspirations of mankind were suppressed in the land that was created to be the beacon of liberty and enlightenment: America.

In 1913, America was transformed from a revolutionary nation with a commitment to human values, individual freedoms, and moral principles into the world’s biggest oppressor that came under the direct management of international usurers and war criminals.

There is a mountain of proof that can be seen far off in the distance from the dry fields of mainstream understanding which clearly shows how the U.S. government in collaboration with a select group of transnational corporations suppressed scientific and technological discoveries. These discoveries threatened their wealth, status, and power. The most famous case is Nikola Tesla and his inventions in the field of free energy.

II. The Suppression of Tesla’s Free Energy Inventions

In December 2011, the trailblazing website ‘The Daily Bell’ explained the significance of Tesla’s contributions to science and human understanding, and why his work was suppressed by the abominable U.S. government. Here is a long excerpt from The Daily Bell’s article,“VIDEO: Now Internet Reformation Demands Tesla’s Research on Limitless Energy”:

“We’ve read about this before, but the reality of what Tesla may have discovered seems to be becoming more widespread. And now it is sparking protests. Here’s something we almost guarantee: If there is something to Tesla’s invention, it will eventually be realized.

The 21st century is not the 20th. The Internet is not an episode. It is a process. That’s what the powers-that-be still don’t understand. They keep thinking, in our view, that if they just manipulate enough people, or even kill them or put them in jail, that the problems that the Internet era is causing them will go away. “No man, no problem,” Stalin famously said. Lucky for him, he didn’t live in the 21st century!

No doubt, those who have an interest in such things, felt that when the FBI confiscated Tesla’s private papers after his death, the problems that Tesla had caused to them in terms of societal and cultural control were safely handled. Only they were not.

Today, thanks to what we call the Internet Reformation, the interest in Nikola Tesla and his repressed inventions is swelling. Just as the Gutenberg Press sparked a resurgence of scientific thought (in which such luminaries as Da Vinci rediscovered Greek logic) so the Internet is allowing people to reexamine the repressed and hidden knowledge of 20th century.

It was in the 20th century that the Anglosphere power elitereached its apex as regards control of the media. It was in the 20th century that “directed” history was most prevalent. The powers-that-be were able to create an entire narrative as they chose, and they did.

The idea was simple. The power elite wanted to create a formal world government and everything that happened in the 20th century was focused on that goal. War, economic depressions and sociopolitical maneuvers were all intended to create an “ever-closer union.”

The proximate cause of this evolving “new world order” was thedominant social theme, the (often) fear-based promotions that the elites used to frighten middles classes into giving up wealth and power to international institutions.”

The U.S. government’s war against Tesla was a war against the human race. The creative genius of Tesla produced amazing fruits. His scientific and technological achievements were revolutionary in the greatest sense of the word. If his most revolutionary inventions were actualized on a grand and worldwide scale then the course of human development and human history would’ve undergone a dramatic change for the better.

Tesla opened the door to an incredible future for humanity, and the financial criminals who own Washington closed it shut.

III. The CIA Killed Tupac and Put Obama In Power

Another creative genius and revolutionary who was targeted by the U.S. government was Tupac. Many people believe that the CIA assassinated Tupac because they considered him a leader whose entry into politics would have revitalized America’s dead political culture and revolutionized the political game. Tupac would’ve brought the youth and hip hop community into politics in a way that the liar and con artist Barack Obama could’ve only dreamed of.

I used to think Tupac’s death was too mysterious to penetrate and understand. But it makes sense that the CIA killed Tupac because he was serious about becoming a political leader to liberate an enslaved people. The CIA killed Kennedy and King, so killing revolutionary American political leaders is kind of their thing. It is what they do best.

Is it crazy that the CIA killed Tupac and then installed their secret agent Barack Obama in the White House in 2008? Absolutely. I understand why it is hard to believe. But, given the CIA’s record of brutality and death, we should never dismiss wild claims about the CIA’s history. Killing revolutionary political leaders is what the CIA does everywhere around the world, so it is only normal that it acts the same way in America. The CIA is a depraved beast and not a friend of the American people and humanity.

Compared to Tupac, Obama’s revolutionary credentials are zero. Obama hates the American people, freedom, and universal brotherhood. Obama is a crude shadow to Tupac’s immortal flame. Tupac knew about the CIA’s criminal drug-laundering operations in black communities across the United States. In his music, he expressed a worldview that was revolutionary, enlightened, and transformative.

As a bright, young, and charismatic figure who was embraced by many people, regardless of their race, Tupac had a great future ahead of him. If he remained alive into the 21st century he would’ve challenged the disgraceful status quo in a very real way, not just through music and words, but with action.

“Tupac is and continues to be a hero for our community. If you look inside the music that he created, and what he left, you’ll see the reason why he was such a potential threat to the United States government,”said M1 of the rap group Dead Prez.

IV. The End of The Dark Age of Silence

“Mankind is at a crossroads. Humanity faces a decision: embrace the dreams of the universe and the fact that humanity is special and has potential, or succumb to the death of domination by a predatory elite bent on wrecking the species and limiting the paradigms of the mind.” – Infowars,“Humanity’s Prime Directive.”

Tupac and Tesla were extraordinary men who excelled in their different fields. But since they posed a political and economic challenge to the sick corporate/banking system they were targeted for neutralization by the corrupt U.S. government.

The fate of Tesla and Tupac was shared by other humanitarian visionaries, geniuses, and heroic individuals. The amazing work of scientist and psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich was suppressed by the same corrupt forces. The U.S. government has made a habit of getting rid of the cream of the human race. It has a policy of head-hunting the shepherds of society so the sheep stays scattered and leaderless, lost in the wilderness of ignorance.

But big changes are coming. The decline of the American ruling class and international usurers is a process that cannot be stopped with armies, media manipulation, and consciousness suppression. The criminal U.S. government robbed Tesla and Tupac, two of history’s greatest men, but it won’t be able to rob humanity of a dignified, free, and bountiful future. Washington’s secret reign of terror and tyranny is coming to an end. A new culture is being born. Humanity is fighting back with divine power on its side.

In the first stage of the resistance people ended the dark age of silence. Speaking the truth about CIA assassinations and false flag events like 9/11 is the first and most important step towards creating a more free and just world. The education of the world through the Internet and new media has inspired hope. People around the world have proven that the power of truth is greater than the power of mass mind control. A spiritual, cultural, and political renaissance is underway.

Humanity’s awakening has only begun.



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