Police Brutality

Thursday, August 2, 2012

American Police — Saving Peace For A Rainy Day

Owen Myles, Contributor
Activist Post

Occasions like the one in the video below are not nearly as rare as you might think. For many (obviously not all) officers, the only thing discouraging such behavior is the chance of getting caught, which is, you could say, nothing to gamble on.

Consider these headlines too:

Houston Cop Arrested For Handcuffing and Raping Woman After Traffic Stop
Minnesota Man Brutalized by SWAT Executive Officer for Talking Loud on Cell Phone

Such occasions, are far more common than Big Media will reveal; Big Media prefers to cover isolated events. So here’s a long compilation I found (while reading comments on inforwars) of more grotesque police behavior, with some astonishing reports [1]:

Odd how such behavior so rarely gets much attention, all whilst the DHS and FBI are blabbering maudlin hysteria about domestic extremists™ and cyber phantoms as they themselves and theCIA covertly import narcotics and export weapons to terrorists. Even more odd that our trusty NSAis likely intricately aware of some very fine details that they — and only they — have access to, yet things generally continue to spiral downward. And then they beg for even more power! But don’t worry, as the police have illustrated, we’re in good hands, or cuffs. Right?

We’ve got problems. Just imagine how much better things will get when these thugs are assisted by our military-forces too; it’ll be just like Katrina in every neighborhood. If that seems unlikely, you should consider having a cup of coffee and opening your eyes for a while. It is happening now — and there are big plans for a “new and improved” US prison-industrial complex, which will be generously fueled by the bursting of our multi-trillion dollar student-debt bubble along with our new sleazy affair with fascism and divorce from our Constitution.

There is essentially one thing that keeps their boots from your face, and it ain’t luck or your looks, but money. But even money is a scarce buffer between you and the boot. Unemployment is on the rise, in a way which we’ve only seen the very beginning of. Rough times are on the way. We desperately need a more positive infrastructure in this country and we aren’t quite there yet — and it won’t be acquired or given by the government. We’re on our own, we’re in bad shape, and we’re smoking hope. I recommend either investing in the prison industry, purchasing yourself some solid Crime-Futures, or alternatively and preferably, investing in your fellow citizen and our society while they remain. But be FOREWARNED; it will not be easy.

Also, don’t get too cozy and begin mistaking your home for your castle; it’s not, and if “they” suspect you’re sporting herbs or some other pastime with no victims, they might just waltz in and shoot you 16 times, or make you the victim somehow:

Or, as appears highly probable from the videos below, “they” might just shoot your dog/s for fun, instead:

or: Dog 1

or: Dog 2

or: Dog 3

or: Dog 4

see more on original article , here

Considering that shooting a police-dog is legally murder, there seems something slightly unfair about the horrid stories above. But I digress into the utterly obvious. Submit and Obey; You’re in good hands.

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