Executive Orders, False Flag Attacks, Ammunition Stockpiles, WHAT ARE THEY PLANNING???

A. Anderson | August 25th 2012

Executive Orders, False Flag Attacks

Ammunition Stockpiles


They’re planning “the end of the world.” Exactly they way they want it to end, in a controlled demolition. Guess who’s in charge of reconstruction. One world govenrment. New World Order.
The time has come for all of us, regardless of age, race or social class, to cast off our childish blindness and denial. We must awaken. We must unite.
Our enemies are powerful, they believe they are above us. They enjoy their diabolical exploits boldly, in the face of the media and the slumbering populace. But it is their arrogance that will be their downfall. We are stronger than they know, and there is a growing awareness among us. We can no longer look the other way.
We are a force of GOOD and of LIFE. We must become active.
Love is Magic.
Magic is Real.
Let us stand tall with love in our hearts and right in our hearts.
Each of us must believe the impossible. As the quantum singularity moment approaches each of us must go through our own miraculous transformation. We must accept our own miracle and realize our part to play for good and for life.
If we do this we can not fail.
We will not fail.
I believe in Love. It is the strongest thing of all.
There are only two things in life: Love and Fear. When we act out of fear there comes a point when we are no longer afraid. It is only love that grows exponentially. Therefore it is when we act out of love, and not fear, that we are invincible.

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