Print 2.0: Answer to the Internet Kill Switch

Going back to the roots of freedom of speech

Alex Jones
Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Print 2.0: Answer to the Internet Kill Switch 210812mag

This is an article from the September issue of the all-new Infowars magazine, free hard copies of which will be available throughout Austin. To get a free digital version of the magazine, sign up to Infowars Insider byclicking here.

If you are picking up this publication for the first time and wondering what we are all about, the answer is freedom. We stand behind the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the concept of 1776 expanding worldwide – the idea of liberty all over the planet.

We are a firewall standing between liberty and the tyranny of a corporatist and monopolist system that is diabolically opposed to freedom and the free market, especially when it comes to media and the unrestricted flow of information.

We oppose wireless NSA wiretapping and the secret arrest of Americans under the NDAA. We oppose endless and criminal proxy wars carried out in our names. We oppose the persecution of people for religious or cultural reasons.

We are not left or right. We are constitutionalists. Because Obama is currently the titular head of the global empire and crime syndicate, a lot of this publication will be about his actions. In the past, we were critical of Bush. We will also examine Romney and others who may replace Obama and his administration. and Prison, our flagship websites, are rated by and similar metrics that gauge web traffic as the top alternative media site in the world. receives about twice the traffic of via print is dying as a result of a perfect storm. People are abandoning corporate newspapers and print publications and instead are flocking to the web as so-called mainstream newspapers just regurgitate corporate and government talking points. Mainstream news is also dying online – this is why we are able to dominate them with film, videos, and our news websites.

Print is impervious to a government kill switch and any other electronic scheme designed to shut down areas of the web the government wants censored. Digital and networked technology make it easy for corporate control freaks to track down dissidents, delete their words and even kill audio files of their voices, as they have done with my voice on YouTube. Corporations have gone so far as to claim copyright on voices, including that of Optimus Prime, a character from the Transformers franchise. That’s right – You Tube is now adhering to third party claims of ownership – many of them erroneous – to people’s own voices, and using this as a pretext to delete content – representing a new frontier of censorship via copyright.

Automated software bots are now being used to preemptively censor content with no due process whatsoever.

Kindle recently demonstrated how it is possible to remove content when it invaded privately owned devices without permission or warning and deleted ebooks. As Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently warned, the very idea of cloud computing poses a threat to the existence of digital material and the idea of individual ownership. The director of the CIA has admitted that the Internet is a surveillance tool that even gives “smart” appliances the ability to spy on you.

This censorship war amounts to nothing less than electronic book burning, where words and ideas can be digitally erased from the “cloud”. The automated bots will now do the work of the firemen in Ray Bradbury’s dystopian classic Fahrenheit 451.

Print makes this sort of censorship virtually impossible. It allows you to hold a physical copy in your hand – a physical copy that you can now pick up in your city or order online in bulk at cost price at and give to friends and family.

We’re going back to the very roots of free speech – the Gutenberg printing press – while also continuing to expand in an increasingly restrictive Internet space, where cybersecurity legislation is little different from what the state is doing to the freedom of expression in Russia. More and more, the web is darkening as our authoritarian government expands its reach.

While we continue to fight for Internet and cyber freedom, it is important to embrace print at a time when everyone is abandoning it. Print media is important because it is not dependent on a device that can be controlled, disabled or turned off by a government kill switch or at the whim of a corporation. All you need are your eyes; print gives the power to the reader.

Over the next year, we will transition from a monthly to a weekly publication. We will also launch a franchising of the publication within the next few months. This will allow others that share a passionate love of liberty to add their local stories to our national and international content. Franchising will also allow you to share ad space. In addition, we will offer a digital copy of the publication which you can receive for FREE. All you have to do is sign up for our newsletter

Ultimately, the success of this new venture is up to you and other liberty lovers eager to see the message of resistance delivered across all media. Hopefully we will serve as an example that will help lead print back from oblivion and make it a truly useful activist tool in the fight against global control freaks determined to dominate all media and to wipe out the message of resistance as they move to consolidate power and dominate the world.

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