DHS Amassing Arms for Secret Forces to be Used Against American Citizens? | Explosives, Thousands of Rounds, enough to put 5 bullets in each American citizen. The police state is armed and ready.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

Major General Jerry Curry, who is a decorated combat veteran, Army Aviator, paratrooper and Ranger, hasasked the question: “Who does the government intend to shoot?” In an op-ed piece, Curry brings up the strange purchases of hollow point bullets the Department of Homeland security has made recently. Through other federal agencies like the Social Security Office (SSO) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the DHS has ordered several thousand hollow point bullets as well.

Curry states:

No one has yet said what the purpose of these purchases is, though we are led to believe that they will be used only in an emergency to counteract and control civil unrest. Those against whom the hollow point bullets are to be used — those causing the civil unrest — must be American citizens; since the SSA has never been used overseas to help foreign countries maintain control of their citizens.

The Geneva Convention outlaws hollow point bullets on the battle field because of their deadly nature. Curry asks if DHS intends to shoot the “nation’s military and replace them with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) special security forces, forces loyal to the Administration, not to the Constitution?”

Is the DHS arming a private army with hollow point bullets with the intent to shoot at US Armed Forces, US veterans and civilians?

The DHS put out a solicitation to manufacturers for 63,000,000 rounds of .40 S&W jacketed hollow point bullets. By August 20th, the DHS has requested 357 mag rounds that are able to pierce through walls.

The Social Security Office has also made a solicitation for 174,000 rounds of .357 hollow point bullets.

A past solicitation includes government contracts for every type of weapon of all calibers and by the thousands. From training rounds to armory meant to devastate the human body, the DHS is preparing to win an anticipated civil disturbance.

In May of this year, the Department of Defense (DoD) and the Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC)requested from Congress through a new authorization act to allow US armed forces to be used against American citizens as a new response team for domestic disturbances.

According to Lt. Gen. Charles E. Stenner Jr., chief of Air Force Reserve and AFRC commander:

Mobilizing needed reservists will help sustain their support for longer periods and make operations more efficient. We mobilize reservists to handle contingencies overseas, so it makes sense that we do that to take care of our own country.

At the New York City’s Grand Central Terminal (GCT), Airman First Class Peter Grajewski, a member of the Joint Task Force Empire Shield, is stationed at GCT to conduct security operations in NYC in an effort of “deter and prevent terrorist acts.”

Army Lt. Col. Peter Riley, the task force’s commander, explains:

We are a full-time, state active-duty force of 280 New Yorkers. [This force] was formed on 9/11 and has been here since. “New York, historically, has been a city greatly targeted by terrorists. Empire Shield is designed to show the bad guys that we’re here and hopefully make them think twice about trying any sort of terrorist attack.

Airmen and Soldiers of JTF Empire Shield work with the NYPD, Amtrak police, MTA police and the US coast Guard to ensure military-style safety of civilians. Although they are not responsible for making arrests, they are legally allowed to detain civilians at their discretion and use force if they deem necessary.

The DHS and FBI are warning about a possible false flag attacks using improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and “anarchists”.

While the DHS solicits for 700 pounds of High Density Ammonium Nitrate and 700 pounds of A-5 Flake RDX, which is the exact ingredients needed to manufacture an improvised explosive device (IEDs), the Pentagon is coming before Congress to demand that Posse Comitatis be “relaxed” so that military troops can freely patrol American streets looking for the home-grown terrorists.

The FBI asserts that according to their intelligence, unidentified persons have “planned to travel to Tampa and attempt to close” Tampa Bay area bridges during the Republican National Convention (RNC). The FBI states these extremists will engage “in potentially destructive criminal activities against critical infrastructure outside the security perimeter throughout the Tampa Bay region because they expected access to the main RNC venue to be tightly controlled.”

These extremists are being described as “white supremacists” that are purchasing materials to build IEDs, are training with firearms to enact violence against “groups they oppose.”

In 2009, the Office of Intelligence and Analysis published a report entitled Rightwing Extremism, wherein domestic extremists, particularly white supremacists, were proposed to be the newest and most dangerous threat to the US since al-Qaeda.

While admitting that they had no definitive proof that “domestic rightwing terrorists are currently planning acts of violence, [however] rightwing extremists may be gaining new recruits by playing on their fears about several emergent issues. The economic downturn and the election of the first African American president present unique drivers for rightwing radicalization and recruitment.”

The DHS wanted to instill the idea that veterans were being recruited to become “right-wing extremists” upon returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. Janet Napolitano intimated that military veterans could become instruments of domestic terror. When Napolitano’s comments were met with public distain, the DHS amended their assertion that extremist groups were highly-marked; but rather it was a lone wolf type that would carry out the biggest act of domestic terrorism.

The group Reaching Critical Will (RCW) is planning to hold a conference in New York City between August 27th to September of this year to discuss the “UN Program of Action to Prevent, Combat, and Eradicate the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons In All Its Aspects” and will meet at the United Nations Headquarters.

The RCW are dedicated to working with the UN on disarmament and coercion of sovereign nations to participate with the UN in removing the rights of citizens to have the right to own a gun.

The RCW conference is meant to be a review of the UN Arms Trade Treaty conference that was recently held in NYC at the UN headquarters. The UN’s Programme of Action (PoA), which is the initial effort to disarm all citizens of all nations will be discussed and reaffirmed. In a scheme to devise a way of convincing countries to outlaw rights to firearms to citizens, only the governmental armed forces would have access to guns.

By using “incentives and sanctions” along with business and civil society, governments must recover stocks of firearms held by the population and dispose of them definitively, preferably through destruction.

Back in July, the UN held a conference in NY at the UN headquarters to discuss the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) wherein they have decided they will meet to create an “elaborate…legally binding instrument on the highest possible common international standards for the transfer of conventional arms.”

The ATT will empower the UN to literally force the US government to:

  • Enact internationally agreed licensing requirements for Americans
  • Confiscate and destroy unauthorized firearms of Americans while allowing the US government to keep theirs
  • Ban trade, sale and private ownership of semi-automatic guns
  • Create and mandate an international registry to organize an encompassing gun confiscation in America

We are seeing military “training” on our streets, the mainstream media demonizing US veterans, DHS purchasing hundreds of thousands of hollow point bullets and the ingredients to manufacture IEDs at the same time the UN is discussing how to effectively disarm Americans and we are supposed to continue “business as usual” as if nothing is happening.


Monday, August 27, 2012

TSA, DHS Order 1,400 Pounds of High Powered Explosives Set to Deliver August 31

Anthony Gucciardi
Activist Post

Documents reveal that The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has ordered over 1,400 pounds of super high-powered explosives through the (TSA) Transportation Safety Administration set to be delivered on August 31st. The news comes just after it was reported that the DHS had purchased over 1.2 billion rounds of hollow point bullets and a wide assortment of riot gear. The new explosives purchase, as highlighted by mainstream news service Government Security News, consists of 1,400 pounds worth of high density ammonium nitrate and A-5 Flake RDX explosives.

According to an explosive materials manual, both of these items are considered ‘high powered’ explosives. High density ammonium nitrate in particular is used in certain types of dynamite.

In case you doubt the validity of the mainstream news report, you can actually locate the purchase statements on the official government website. If you prefer to see the purchase statements specifically, you can view them here (link downloads the document to your PC). Here is an excerpt from the purchase order:

The CES requires the 700 pounds of High Density Ammonium Nitrate and 700 pounds of A-5 Flake RDX to provide Canine Explosive Training Aids (CETAs) to NCP participants. The supplier must be able to meet the exact requirements by August 31st, 2012. Substitutions for this product are not acceptable.

The recent bulk acquisition of bullets, explosives, and war-ready protective gear has been written off by the mainstream media as nothing more than a bare necessity for training. Of course the amount of hollow point bullets, which happen to be military-grade and in sufficient enough quantity to allocate 4 bullets per American citizen, also happen to be several times the ‘normal’ amount of training-related orders put in by government agencies.

The TSA will likely write this purchase off in a similar manner, however it is important to note that this is the same agency that has not only ignored research published as far back as 1998highlighting the link between their x-ray machines and cancer, but has been caught telling children that sexually groping them is a ‘game’.

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Saturday, August 25, 2012

The History Of DHS Ammunition Purchases

This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future.
– Adolf Hitler

James Smith, Contributor
Activist Post

The question of whether a leader is good or a tyrant is an age old question. Being the one who wears the crown opens you up to criticism from all levels, and, to be quite frank, you can’t make everyone love you.

This article is to outline purchases by the Department of Human resources since August 2002, a ten-year span. The Department of Homeland Security was created by then President Bush as a preventative measure from further terror attacks on American soil. And since its inception has been fodder for skeptics and fuel for those demanding a smaller, unintrusive government.

Below you will find the lists of solicitations, hyperlinked to their pages located athttp://www.fbo.gov.

The following filters were used:

US Coast Guard and Secret Service were not accounted for. The USCG rarely requested ammunition, and the Secret Service were mainly “Award Only” notices. No amounts of ammunition could be obtained.

Any “Award Notice” only entries were omitted due to the lack of needed information.

In the first chart, you find the hyper linked solicitation, the total number of rounds requested, and the agency requesting the ammunition. Of all of the sub-departments, only Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) ordered ammunition outside the filters discussed above.

Solicitation Link Date Quantity Agency
Solicitation Number: NFU040075 3/2/2004 970,000 ICE
Solicitation Number:04FAD0085 6/23/2004 200,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: 05FAD0041 7/6/2005 100,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: 05FAD0059 8/22/2005 300,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: 05FAD0060 8/26/2005 100,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number:HSCEOP-05-P-00778 9/10/2005 1,222,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: LGL06Q00043 12/12/2005 1,500,000 FTETC
Solicitation Number: 06CHS0034 1/10/2006 317,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number:NFU060173 4/19/2006 166,000 ICE
Solicitation Number:NFU060209 5/4/2006 39,600 ICE
Solicitation Number: 06FAD0044 5/12/2006 300,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: HSCEOP-06-R-00011 6/7/2006 100,000,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: LGL06R00063 6/29/2006 21,570,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number:06CBPBP069 7/25/2006 270,000 FLETC
Contract Award Number: LAR06P00100 7/25/2006 5,000,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: 0088 8/9/2006 50,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: 06FAD0079 9/13/2006 200,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: 06FAD0076 9/21/2006 15,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: LGL07Q00011 3/14/2007 32,425,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: HSCEOP07P01183 6/25/2007 106,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: HSCEOP07P01185 6/26/2007 83,000 ICE
Solicitation Number:07CBPBP060-061 8/9/2007 109,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number:07ART0450 8/28/2007 100,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: HSCEOP-07-R-0020 8/31/2007 256,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: HSBP1007Q1489 9/25/2007 57,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: HSCESS-08-Q00003 4/17/2008 375,000,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: HSCESS-08-Q-00005 5/12/2008 100,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: NFU080145 6/4/2008 149,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: NFU080174 6/6/2008 85,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: 08ART0181A 6/18/2008 600,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: 08ART0181 7/2/2008 6,000,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: HSTS0708Q00081 7/22/2008 19,572,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: 08CBPBP072 7/25/2008 208,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: NFO080239 8/8/2008 200,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: HSCESS-08-Q-00018 8/20/2008 7,375,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: HSCESS-09-Q-00003 12/19/2008 200,000,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: 192109NFU00000064 2/2/2009 240,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: 192109NFU00000061-62 2/3/2009 135,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: 09FAD0034 3/4/2009 25,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: HSCESS-09-R-00003 4/28/2009 18,000,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: NFU00000242 7/6/2009 30,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: NFU00000247 7/7/2009 92,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: NFU00000253 7/8/2009 65,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: 192109NFU0000291 8/24/2009 130,800 ICE
Solicitation Number: 09CBPBP076 8/25/2009 69,920 FLETC
Solicitation Number: HSFLAR-10-Q-00018A 4/19/2010 213,920 FLETC
Solicitation Number: NFU00000246 8/12/2010 109,200 ICE
Solicitation Number: NFU00000264 8/12/2010 350,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: 20056107 8/22/2010 49,400 ICE
Solicitation Number: HSCEMS-11-Q-00002 12/17/2010 375,000,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: SSA-RFQ-10-2159 5/9/2011 25,750,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: HSCEMS-11-R-00004 7/12/2011 450,000,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: 20066169 8/8/2011 24,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: HSCEMS-12-R-00002 2/6/2012 165,000,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: HSFLGL-12-Q-00119 3/1/2012 10,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: HSFLGL-12-Q-00029 4/12/2012 8,450 FLETC
Solicitation Number: HSFLGL-12-B-00003 4/17/2012 70,000,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: HSCEMS-12-P-0000 6/6/2012 12,000 ICE
Solicitation Number: HSFLAR-12-Q-00046 7/20/2012 43,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: HSFLAR-12-Q-00063 8/16/2012 75,000 FLETC
Solicitation Number: HSFLAR-11-Q-00090 8/17/2012 58,000 FLETC

The second chart, shown below, demonstrates the total number of ammunition requested by year. After that chart, is the breakdown by percentage of the year against the total amount requested. As can be seen, 58% of all the ammunition that has been ordered, was ordered under the Obama Administration.

2004  0.06%
2005  0.17%
2006  6.80%
2007  1.76%
2008  32.40%
2009  1.00%
2010  19.98%
2011  25.30%
2012  12.51%

The last chart provides the chilling breakdown of just how much ammunition was requested. The grand total? A mere 1.88 BILLION rounds ordered in less than eight years time.

Oddities were discovered during this examination. A solicitation for an emergency allotment of 18,000,000 rounds of .40 S&W ammunition was requested to cover a shortfall of until December of 2009, but no major purchase could be found until December of 2010.

Justification for Other Than Full and Open Competition to purchase an “interim supply” of 18,000,000 rounds of .40 Smith & Wesson (S&W) Caliber 135 grain ammunition to bridge the gap in inventory until long term Indefinite Delivery / Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contracts can be put in place. Contract awarded to Federal Cartridge Company of Anoka, MN.

This also provides justification for such large numbers of ammunition purchases, ie, training. However, in order to be more fiscally sound, the ammunition should be a ball type, or full metal jacket, not a jacketed hollow point, where the cost would be anywhere from two to five times less expensive.

To put this in very simple terms: in the 8 years, 5 months, 23 days that have elapsed since the first ammunition order:

  • 7 rounds every second would need to be shot in order to use every last round ordered as of today.
  • That would be 5.9 rounds per American.
  • For every letter in the King James Bible, 608 rounds.
  • If you were to put the ammunition in the small 50 round box of .45 ACP, it would be approximately 496,382 cubic feet, or 63 Olympic sized swimming pools.

The question of whether all these ammunition purchases are for an outbreak of civilian riots cannot be answered here. There are too many variables to accurately ascertain the likelihood. Many of those who would fight for the government would place family above duty and thereby weaken the chances of a successful martial law across the fruited plain. In limited areas, yes, martial law could and would be implemented. Those areas unmolested by civil disorder would do best by informing the public to arm themselves for the possibility of malcontents and criminals that may want to stir up trouble.

But perhaps what this Administration forgets is the most basic of warfare. It is not ammunition nor weapons that decides a war. It is the indomitable human spirit that cries for freedom that decides who wins and who dies. Tyranny may win battles, but Freedom and Liberty will win the war. Every time. Just ask any American, Spanish, English, Frenchman or Pole.

Weapons are an important factor in war, but not the decisive one; it is man and not materials that counts. – Mao Tse-tung 1938

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Why The Gov’t Purchase Of Ammunition Should Scare The Hell Out Of You

James Smith, Contributor

Recent articles have been published, by this network and others, that detail the extraordinarily large purchases of ammunition by the United States Government. This ammunition has been of varying calibers, mainly .357 Sig and .40 S&W. However, they all have been what are known as “Hollow Point” rounds.

From Wikipedia:

A hollow-point bullet is an expanding bullet that has a pit or hollowed out shape in its tip, often intended to cause the bullet to expand upon entering a target in order to decrease penetration and disrupt moretissue as it travels through the target. It is also used for controlled penetration, where over-penetration could cause collateral damage(such as on an aircraft). In target shooting, they are used for greater accuracy and reduction of smoke, fouling, and lead vapour exposure, as hollow point bullets have an enclosed base while traditional bullets have an exposed lead base. In essence, the hollow point bullet has several purposes: hollow points are designed to increase in diameter once within the target, thus maximizing tissue damage and blood loss or shock, and to remain inside the target, thereby transferring all of its kinetic energy to that target (some fraction would remain in the bullet if it passed through instead). Jacketed hollow points (JHPs) or plated hollow points are covered in a coating of harder metal (usually a copper alloy or copper coated steel) to increase bullet strength and to prevent fouling the barrel with lead stripped from the bullet. The term hollow-cavity bullet is used to describe a hollow point where the hollow is unusually large, sometimes dominating the volume of the bullet, and causes extreme expansion or fragmentation on impact.[1]

Many articles state that the hollow point round is banned in combat due to its brutal devastation it causes upon the human body. However, in reality, this is not the case.

Most people will wrongly state that their use is outlawed in the Geneva Convention. The ammunition’s forerunner was banned in 1899, and a portion of that ban is shown here:

Declaration on the Use of Bullets Which Expand or Flatten Easily in the Human Body” adopted at the First Hague Peace Conference of (29 July) 1899 which states:

The Undersigned, Plenipotentiaries of the Powers represented at the International Peace Conference at The Hague, duly authorized to that effect by their Governments,

Inspired by the sentiments which found expression in the Declaration of St. Petersburg of the 29th November (11th December), 1868,

Declare as follows:

The Contracting Parties agree to abstain from the use of bullets which expand or flatten easily in the human body, such as bullets with a hard envelope which does not entirely cover the core, or is pierced with incisions.

The present Declaration is only binding for the Contracting Powers in the case of a war between two or more of them.

It shall cease to be binding from the time when, in a war between the Contracting Parties, one of the belligerents is joined by a non-Contracting Power.

The United States only conceded to this, but did not sign. Where the U.S. did commit to was the Hague Convention IV of 1907, Article 23(e) of which Annex states:

…it is especially forbidden –

To employ arms, projectiles, or material{sic} calculated to cause unnecessary suffering;

The US’s observation of the Convention meant that ammunition used by troops would be solid ball ammunition. However, in 1985 the rules of combat changed with an opinion written by Judge Advocate General, written by Col W. Hays Parks, Chief of the JAG’s International Law Branch, for the signature of Major General Hugh R. Overholt, which stated:

…expanding point ammunition is legally permissible in counterterrorist operations not involving the engagement of the armed forces of another State.

In October of 1990, Col. Parks, at the at the request of the Commander of the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and coordinated with the Department of State, Army General Counsel, as well as the Offices of the Judge Advocates General of the Navy and Air Force wrote a Memorandum that concluded:

The purpose of the 7.62mm ‘open-tip’ MatchKing bullet is to provide maximum accuracy at very long range. … Bullet fragmentation is not a design characteristic, however, nor a purpose for use of the MatchKing by United States Army snipers. Wounds caused by MatchKing ammunition are similar to those caused by a fully jacketed military ball bullet, which is legal under the law of war, when compared at the same ranges and under the same conditions. (The Sierra #2200 BTHP) not only meets, but exceeds, the law of war obligations of the United States for use in combat.

And again in 1993, an opinion by Col Parks allowed the U.S. Special Operations Command to use a Winchester 230-grain JHP for issue with its H&K-manufactured Mk 23 Mod 0 pistol.

And the military is not alone with the use of hollow point rounds. Many police agencies use them as well and have gone toe-to-toe with civil liberty organizations. From the NY Times in 1997:

Studies on the issue are inconclusive. But civil libertarians have criticized the hollow point bullets, saying they are more deadly and increase the ability of police officers to maim and kill a suspect. ‘’The introduction of the hollow-point may very well exceed the bounds of reason and necessity, especially if massive internal injury is the risk,’ said Norman Siegel, executive director of the New York Civil Liberties Union.

Legal challenges in Los Angeles and elsewhere, however, have proved fruitless, since most big-city departments began adopting the ammunition in the 1970s and 1980s.

The city of Seattle also uses the hollow point rounds.

Civilian law enforcement and military use of such ammunition should not be of concern. What concerns people these days are the purchases by innocuous government agencies such as the Social Security Administration and National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration. While they may be going to strictly the investigative arms of these agencies, what needs to be looked at is the bottom line:


A good rule of thumb in all things commercial is: The fancier, the pricier. And ammunition is not alone in this. Below is a chart from a meta search engine, Ammo Engine. The search parameters were simple and selected from the results were only ammunition sold by the Federal Cartridge Company, a frequent awardee of ammunition in contracts put out by the Department of Homeland Security and the rounds selected were the .40 S&W that the DHS has purchased hundreds of millions.

Manuf Name Grains Type Rnds/box Cost Cost/Rnd
Federal American Eagle Full Metal Jacket 165 Full Metal Jacket 50 $15.00 $0.30
Federal American Eagle Full Metal Jacket 180 Full Metal Jacket 100 $34.50 $0.35
Federal American Eagle Full Metal Jacket 165 Full Metal Jacket 50 $35.23 $0.70
Federal American Eagle Full Metal Jacket 155 Full Metal Jacket 50 $36.09 $0.72
Federal Premium Expanding Full Metal Jacket 165 Full Metal Jacket 50 $37.29 $0.75
Federal Power-Shok Jacketed Hollow Point 180 Jacketed Hollow Point 20 $30.05 $1.50
Federal Premium Hydra-Shok Jacketed Hollow Point 155 Jacketed Hollow Point 20 $34.98 $1.75
Federal Premium Personal Defense Hydra-Shok Jacketed Hollow Point 135 Jacketed Hollow Point 20 $36.95 $1.85

As you can see in the chart, the Jacket Hollow Point (JHP) is as much as five times more expensive that the standard Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) round.

But the price isn’t because the JHP is a “more powerful” round. Below is a comparison of the Federal .357 Sig JHP versus the FMJ.

Federal Ammunition Ballistics:

Round     Type  Weight  Muzzle  Energy FPS
.357 Sig   JHP     125       506         1350
.357 Sig   FMJ    125       506         1350

Below is a video of the comparison between .40 S&W JHP and FMJ when it hits the human body, using ballistics gelatin which is used as a human flesh analog.

And lastly, a visual explanation on the damage of the hollow point.

A bullet will travel in pretty much a straight line. Once the round strikes the body, the physics of flight changes, causing the round to tumble and spin much like a gyroscope that is about to stop. This is what causes the damage to the body.

Compare the bodily damage of the .357 Sig JHP 125 grain to the two .40 S&W JHP rounds in the image below.

The odds of survival are minimal at best. And now you see why the recent purchase and requests by our government, unrestrained by law or morality, should scare the hell out of you.

And if you’re not scared, you’re either stupid or not paying attention, both conditions where the government wants to keep you.


Social Security Administration To Purchase 174 Thousand Rounds Of Hollow Point Bullets

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Preparing for civil unrest? Ammunition to be delivered to 41 locations across U.S.

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First it was the Department of Homeland Security, then it was the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and now the Social Security Administration is set to purchase 174,000 rounds of hollow point bullets that will be delivered to 41 locations across the country.

Social Security Administration To Purchase 174 Thousand Rounds Of Hollow Point Bullets 00168

A solicitation posted by the SSA on theFedBizOpps website asks for contractors to supply 174,000 rounds of “.357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacketed hollow point pistol ammunition.”

An online ammunition retailer describes the bullets as suitable “for peak performance rivaling and sometimes surpassing handloads in many guns,” noting that the ammo is “a great personal defense bullet.”

The synopsis to the solicitation adds that the ammunition is to be shipped to 41 locations within 60 days of purchase. A separate spreadsheet lists those locations, which include the Social Security headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland as well as major cities across the country including Los Angeles, Detroit, Oklahoma City, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Denver, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Seattle.

Hollow point bullets are designed to expand as they enter the body, causing maximum damage by tearing apart internal organs.

It’s not outlandish to suggest that the Social Security Administration is purchasing the bullets as part of preparations for civil unrest. Social security welfare is estimated to keep around 40 per cent of senior citizens out of poverty. Should the tap run dry in the aftermath of an economic collapse which the Federal Reserve has already told top banks to prepare for, domestic disorder could ensue if people are refused their benefits.

Indeed, earlier this year the Department of Homeland Security ran a drill called Operation Shield which included turning the entrance of a Florida Social Security office into a checkpoint manned by Federal Protective Service officers armed with semiautomatic rifles.

“With their blue and white SUVs circled around the Main Street office, at least one official was posted on the door with a semiautomatic rifle, randomly checking identifications. And other officers, some with K-9s, sifted through the building,” reported the Daily Commercial.

A rash of solicitations by federal agencies for hollow point bullets in recent months has stoked fears that the government is preparing for civil unrest caused by a financial collapse on a scale similar or even larger to scenes already witnessed in Europe over the last two years.

As we reported yesterday, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has put out a contract for 46,000 rounds of hollow point bullets along with 500 paper targets.

Despite initially asking the bullets to be delivered to the National Weather Service, NOAA claimed this was a “clerical error” and insisted the ammunition was being sent to the Fisheries Office of Law Enforcement. Why powerful hollow point bullets that are designed to tear apart internal organs are needed for practice shooting at paper targets has not been explained.

Back in March, Homeland Security purchased 450 million rounds of .40-caliber hollow point bullets that are designed to expand upon entry and cause maximum organ damage, prompting questions as to why the DHS needed such a large amount of powerful bullets merely for training purposes.

This was followed by another DHS solicitation asking for a further 750 million rounds of assorted bullets, including 357 mag rounds that are able to penetrate walls.

The DHS recently put out an order for riot gear in preparation for the upcoming DNC, RNC and presidential inauguration. The U.S. Army is also busy buying similar equipment.

The DHS also recently purchased a number of bullet-proof checkpoint booths that include ‘stop and go’ lights.


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a regular fill-in host for The Alex Jones Show and Infowars Nightly News.

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