Acknowledging Freedom

Blake Taylore
Activist Post

Liberty, freedom, and owning oneself are always good things. How humans lost the acknowledgement and community support of their unalienable right to exist on earth, and own themselves is probably lost in history. And yet, there were always people, throughout history, who understood their own value as individuals, and how they had a right to own their lives, while deciding their own destinies, making their own choices, and keeping what they made. They understood nature’s laws; the human right to own themselves, and keep the fruit of their labor. They understood unalienable rights to be a gift from nature that every human can claim just for being born.

Unfortunately most people, early on, were tricked out of this innate gift of owning themselves. Yet, throughout the ages enlightened, and freedom loving humans fought to bring this truth to light, and to have their unalienable rights be acknowledged, and supported by their communities. Some freedom lovers fought for unalienable rights with their pen, some within their legal structure, and some by the sword. They all fought to have human-made governments obey the laws of nature that governed their unalienable rights.

But it wasn’t until the birth of America, when humans, educated with book and instinctual knowledge of what was right and wrong, would stand together, using both the pen and the sword, to build a nation with a foundational base of nature’s laws. Ever since the Declaration of Independence, America has been a symbol of freedom that many in the rest of the world looked to as a beacon of hope for liberty in their lives. Unfortunately, here in America, once again, throughout the recent decades, those who have based their lives on greed and power, buried the principles of nature’s inalienable rights, enslaving all Americans, stripping us of our privacy, dignity, rights, and wealth. We now all jump as high as TSA, FEMA, the now militarized police, or any other federal agency tells us to, without a blink of the eye. America has let the world down.

The Declaration of Independence put in pen and ink what the purpose of government was. Thomas Jefferson wrote that governments are brought into existence by the People to secure their unalienable rights. The Jefferson Memorial, in Washington D.C., was built to honor this great patriot who penned the idea of unalienable rights on our first legal document as a nation. What would he now think of how our Federal, State and local governments are doing in carrying out this mantle of obligation of securing our unalienable rights, that they were entrusted with, when the People brought these governments into existence?

And what about those who lost their lives, limbs, families, and fortunes fighting in the American Revolution against the tyrannical government which was supporting the more greedier, controlling, and more power hungry aspects of human nature, in order for the rulers, and well connected to live a good life off the labor of the many. Is being forced to add, unwillingly from the fruits of your labor, to the coffers of the few, how those lying in bloodshed for freedom, on the Lexington Green, envisioned what they laid dying for? How is the American government honoring their obligation to keep freedom alive with the vision of freedom for all Americans in perpetuity?

The Declaration of Independence begins:(1)

When, in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to
dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to
assume, among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which
the laws of nature and of nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the
opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to separation.

We hold these truths to be self evident: that all men are created equal, that they
are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these
are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

That, to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men……

For those who have not read the short Declaration of Independence, Jefferson lists all the grievances against the King of England whose tyrannical action leaves the colonies no choice but to separate from England to rule over themselves. In reading the list of grievances against the King, the level of tyrannical action that Jefferson quotes is quite pale compared to the present tyrannical action that the American government of today is subjecting the American People to. And if King George’s lesser tyrannical actions instigated such extreme reaction to the point that the colonies decided it was in their best interest to separate from an established government, then I can only hope that the American people of today can understand what is in their best interest, and remember what liberty is, and what it feels like to own oneself.

Over the last decade there has been talk about secession from the American federal government. Thomas Naylor, a retired Duke University economic professor, who moved to Vermont, lead a secessionist movement calling for the Northern New England states, and the Canadian maritime provinces to unite and form a nation built on the concept of freedom, where people mostly worked, and supported themselves, instead of supporting a gigantic, unsustainable, out-of-control government that dictated, managed, and decided how people lived their lives, and what they did with their money.

Since Obama’s re-election, over a million Americans from all fifty states have signed petitions, forwarded on to the White House, to have their preference known that they wish their state secede from the federal government peacefully. For those who think this is nonsense, perhaps pondering over the grievances listed in the Declaration of Independence, leading to the secession of the colonies from England, might provide a wider perspective on how secession by the states might be the last stronghold to protect one’s basic freedoms, safety, and livelihood.

No one wants to secede. The founders didn’t want to secede. The Declaration of Independence states that the founders tried to work their issues out with England, but the King’s ears were continuously deaf to their pleadings. The American federal government is too big, too powerful, and too tyrannical to listen to small you, especially since they have decided that the rights of individual Americans, protected by the Federal Constitution, are now ignored. You have no rights when it comes to the federal government wanting something from you, or having you to do something. You can not object to any of their demands. If you do, you risk being arrested as a domestic terrorist.

We were once taught to challenge authority, to keep authority honest. Now what happens when one challenges authority, especially while trying to protect your children from TSA invasiveness? Children used to be taught that strangers touching their genitals were bad people, and to stay away form them; now the government policy is to tell young children it is a game.

Do you want more say over protecting your child? That won’t happen with the present out-of-control federal government. Now the federal government is doing to the states what they have already done to the individual. Secession allows the states to take back control of the best interest of the people, while supporting the unalienable rights that Jefferson believed to be the cornerstone of freedom and prosperity for the masses. It appears to be the only life boat left in securing the freedom that America use to represent. Having the states secede, where you can still have the power to drive up to your state house, and voice your opinion, and have them enforce your inalienable rights, may well be the last life line of personal freedom, and of having any hope of seeing your children own themselves, instead of being owned by those who pick their pockets.

(1) This extended quote is considered to be a footnote and is not added to the word count.

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