Remembering Who We Are

Barbara Joseph

Activist Post

To get to grips with the struggle between the evolution of humanity and those who wish to impede this, we need to start from the absolute pivotal fact that we are magnificent energy beings at our true source level. The erroneous belief that we are the physical body plus a mind only, is the raw material that allows for the creation of the various weapons that have been, and still are being used in the fight against humanity developing their higher frequencies of energy and becoming spiritually aware. The development of this awareness reveals the truth about the groups who wish to maintain control and impede humanity’s progress.

Weapons of impediment which programme the physical-only part of humans through the left hemisphere of the brain, avoiding stimulating the right creative hemisphere which supports spiritual development, are; education formed from inaccurate historical data, which excludes knowledge of the true nature of a human being, and programmes a child/young person to follow the prescribed life path as created by the ‘ruling’ groups. This has to be changed to education which teaches spiritual, not religious, knowledge, energy balancing activities such short meditations, mandala creation, yoga and an emphasis on right hemisphere activities, such as art, music, drama, design and creation of clothing, tools, and life management techniques that support the community, both near and wider. All emphasis on left brain qualifications must cease, with acknowledgment and nurturing of individual skills the norm.

To eradicate the control mechanisms and develop higher frequencies, which will benefit all as they increase, we need to develop a financial framework that excludes the current banking system, is community based and administered by those with the relevant skills, but with a focus on the community and honesty, rather than their own benefit. Such people are to be found, but their involvement is restricted by the current control system.

As we redevelop our life experience, we will still need organisers and administrators to run the various systems which governments currently do. The administrators will not be politicians, although communities could sponsor a known, local person to be involved. Financial reward would be no different to any other level of recompense, all meetings and decisions would be publicly reported, and records of all systems and actions carried out by the administrators would be publicly available. Electronic communication will remove the need for administrators to leave their community/home except for required meetings.

There is an urgent need for healthcare to be inclusive of the whole human, and not to focus on specific systems or parts, and for it to exclude toxic chemicals used in an attempt to diminish symptoms but not to create a proper rebalance. It has often been reported that a quarter of all hospital admissions are due to the effects of prescribed chemical substances. The use of such chemicals and their deep actions within the energetic framework of the human may be seen as an important part of the attempts to reduce the awareness and effectiveness of humanity. All known and proven toxic and disruptive chemical elements currently found in water, food, clothing, cleaning materials, food production, atmospheric contamination via spraying by aircraft, frequency fields produced by current electronic equipment etc will need to be removed. We have previously lived without them all and the resulting debilitating health conditions that they cause.

Another weapon used in the current struggle against humanity is the removal or killing of a huge number of plant materials that can be used to treat human health conditions. Much effort has been put into regulating and reducing the availability of such remedies, matched only by the sustained effort to deny the importance of homeopathic treatment. Both of these approaches to health care will need to be freely available, with wide training of more practitioners, as both systems work on all levels of the human entity, and not just on physical symptoms. In addition to this there are many forms of energy balancing treatments that are not invasive or harmful and which support the whole human entity. These approaches will need to be well known about, commonly available and more practitioners will need to be trained.

Until we can achieve all of the above, and we CAN, we can work with what is now a very serious situation, by working energetically, which is the purest and most potent form of non-violent resistance. This can be done by every person who cares for humanity, does not involve expense, risk, travelling, exposure to fighting factions or special skills.

Remember that we are energy beings at our true level, and that one person can be effective. We can do simple activities such as sitting quietly, imagining that we are sitting within a golden egg shape of energy and then visualising or imagining that our planet is surrounded by golden, silver and white Light, holding this picture for a few moments. This deceptively simple activity is very powerful, because the rule in energy is that ‘energy follows thought’, this is a Cosmic/Divine Law which is immutable and we can work with it. If thousands, or even millions, would do this simple exercise regularly, the frequencies that would build from it would have a direct effect on the balance of the planet and all on it. This would include the groups that work against human evolution, at whatever level. Individually they are unimportant, collectively, they are more powerful, but they can never be more powerful than the high-level frequencies of Light created by those who work for the good of humanity. We need to move on from seeing ourselves as ineffective, physical humans, and until we clearly remember who we are, just ACCEPT that we are so much more, thus developing our awareness.

This time in human development is profoundly important, we all have a responsibility to ensure our collective progress; the time has passed for sitting and handwringing and doing nothing. Many groups of Light Workers are serving in the fight, using many different approaches, but all working consciously with energies. For all those who wish to help but are unable to work directly, the activity suggested above will support those people who are discussing and planning more direct actions to ensure progress.

We have all agreed to be present for this event in humanity’s evolution, so Let’s Remember Who We Are!

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